How to Pick the Best Denver School

How to pick a school for your childHow to choose a Denver school

By e.merging Educational Consulting

5 things to remember when picking a school!

  1. Hire an Expert - A qualified educational consultant will save parents countless hours of labor and worry. He or she can assist parents in clarifying goals and aligning school philosophies with values. Contact Laura Barr at 303-960-8517.
  2. Get Started Early - Both Private and Public admission offices begin tours in late September. As applications are due in mid December and early January it is advantageous to develop a plan. Go to for the latest updates on open house dates and application deadlines.3.
  3. Weigh your Options - Denver is fortunate to have a plethora of school options. During your search process make sure to gain an understanding of the difference between public, magnet, charter and neighborhood schools. Discover the educational models that appeal to you and are a fit for your child and family. 
  4. Know your Child - Trust that you are an expert when it comes to your child. Get to know his/ her strengths and weaknesses. Consider if your child has special needs or has tendencies towards giftedness. Formal and informal assessments can be extremely informative and necessary in the decision making process.5. 
  5. Consider Your Financial Options - Money is an important consideration when choosing a school. Tuitions range from $5,500.00-$25,000.00. There are often other expenses related to transportation, annual giving fundraisers, lunch programs and book fees. Many private schools have generous financial aid programs so it can be advantageous to take the time to fill out the forms.