Denver's Best Private Schools

Denver's Best Private SchoolsDenver's Best Private Schools

An assessment of Denver’s Top Private Schools based on interviews with expert sources in and around Denver’s education community. Our Denver’s best private schools are based on academic reputation, expert opinion, and overall buzz.

Below is the list of Denver's Best private schools.

Denver's Best Private Schools

Aspen Academy
5859 S. University Blvd.
Greenwood Village, CO
Phone: (303)346-3500
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Colorado Academy
5859 S. University Blvd. 
Greenwood Village, CO
Phone: (303)914-2513
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Denver Academy
4400 E. Iliff Avenue
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: (303)777-5161
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Denver Jewish Day School
2450 S. Wabash Street
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: (303)369-0663
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Denver Montclair International
206 Redcross Way
Denver, Co 80230
Phone: (303)340-3647
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Denver Waldorf
940 Fillmore Street
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303)777-0531 x106
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Foothills Academy
4725 Miller Street
Wheatridge, Co 80033
Phone: (303)431-0920
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Graland Country Day School
30 Birch Street
Denver, C0 80220
Phone: (303)399-8361
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Havern School
4000 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80123
Phone: (303)986-4587
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Logan School for Creative Learning
1005 Yosemite Street
Denver, CO 80230
Phone: (303)340-2444 x117
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Montessori Children’s House of Denver
1467 Birch Street
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: (800)432-2028
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Montessori School of Denver
1460 S. Holly Street
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: (303)756-9441
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St. Anne’s Episcopal
2701 S. York Street
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: (303)756-9481 x209
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St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal
3605 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: (303)322-4209
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Stanley British Primary
350 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80230
Phone: (303)360-0803
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