Denver's Best Schools

Denver's Best Public SchoolsDenver's Best Schools

Education is one of our most important responsibilities as parents. But when you purchase a home, you are also purchasing a home in a certain school district. Whether you have children or not, it’s important to know what school district you are purchasing in and whether it will impact your property value and future resale. Denver's best public school list.

Denver's Best Private Schools

5280 Magazine did an assessment of Denver’s Top Private Schools based on interviews with expert sources in and around Denver’s education community. They chose Denver’s Best Private Schools based on academic reputation, expert opinion and overall buzz. Denver's best private school list.

Denver's Public Schools are Open Enrollment. Colorado State Law allows you to choose any public school for your child even if it is not in your school district. Your child can then attend the school for free unless it is full.  One important thing to remember is that you may be responsible for getting your child to school if you choose a school where transportation to your neighborhood is not available. Applicants are selected based on availability. For more information about Denver Public Schools go to