Central Park's Individual Neighborhoods

Central Park is broken up into 12 different neighborhoods.  Below is an overview of what amenities you’ll find in each of the neighborhoods as well as a map showing where each neighborhood is located.

Denver Central Park Neighborhood Map

29th Ave Pedestrian Walk

29th Avenue Neighborhood

This section of Central Park was the first part of Central Park to be developed.  Much of the landscaping is more mature with larger trees, shrubs, and flowers.  It includes:

The bordering streets are Martin Luther King to the North, Central Park Boulevard on the East, Quebec Street on the West and 24th Avenue on the South.

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Westerly Creek Art

Westerly Creek Neighborhood

The section of Central Park is located smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood and is called Westerly Creek because it is bordered by the Westerly Creek Greenway and includes Denver’s distinguished Westerly Creek Elementary. This area is mostly residential with small pocket parks throughout but is surrounded by large green parks on three sides including Westerly Creek Greenway, Central Park, and Central Park Greenway Park.  The bordering streets are Martin Luther King Blvd. to the North, Beeler Street to the East, 25th Avenue to the South and Central Park Blvd. to the West

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The name Eastbridge is a pretty simple concept. It is the neighborhood that lies to the East of the bridge that crosses over Westerly Creek Greenway. Eastbridge encompasses the entire neighborhood that is to the East of Westerly Creek and includes:

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Central Park North Green space

Central Park North

This is the neighborhood that lies to the North of Central Park. Like the Westerly Creek Neighborhood, it is bordered by three parks including Central Park to the South, Westerly Creek Greenway to the East and Sand Creek to the North.  To get to green space in this neighborhood is just a stone’s throw away from any home. This pocket of Central Park is only accessible via Central Park Blvd. or 35th which makes it a more private area.  Included in this area will be the 4th pool in Central Park called Jetstream.  The bordering streets are Central Park Blvd. to the West, 37th Avenue to the North, Boston Street to the East and 33rd Avenue to the South.

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Southend open space

South End

The South End neighborhood is located on the South End of Central Park. It is home to a mixed-use of residential homes and commercial buildings that had already existed prior to Central Park’s redevelopment. It includes:

  • Bladium Sports and Fitness Club – which is a workout facility including free weights, cardio equipment, circuit training stations and group exercise classes
  • Puddle Jumper Pool – Great for the kiddos
  • William R. Roberts School – K-8 school
  • Denver School of Science and Technology – Middle & High School
  • The 3 acre Dog Park
  • Hangar 61 which has been converted to Central Park Fellowship Church

A few service-oriented shops along Central Park Blvd. which include Sweet Life Nail Bar, Central Park Dental Medicine, and Farmers Insurance.

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Central Park West muse

Central Park West 

The Central Park West neighborhood is home to the iconic Central Park tower and Swigert-McAuliffe International School. Centrally located this neighborhood has great access to the future Central Park Station light rail stop, Central Park and 29th Avenue town center. Central Park West also enjoys easy access to I-70 via the Central Park Boulevard bridge. The bordering streets are 35th Avenue to the North, Central Park Blvd. to the East, Martin Luther King Blvd. to the South and Quebec Street to the West.

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Bluff Lake nature preserve

Bluff Lake

The Bluff Lake neighborhood lies at the most eastern point of Central Park and is adjacent to the 123-arre nature preserve called Bluff Lake. This neighborhood has very easy access to Anschutz Medical Campus and the future Eastbridge Town Center. Access to I-70 is a snap via Havana Blvd.

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Conservatory Green Neighborhood, Central Park Denver

Conservatory Green

The Conservatory Green Neighborhood is located north of I-70 just on the other side of Northfield.  The neighborhood takes its cues from the natural prairie it occupies. The neighborhood utilizes the natural topography to dictate street paths and the color palette for the houses are inspired by the colors of the natural surroundings. There will be an abundance of parks, centrally located conservatory green which will operate much like Founders Green. There will also be another dog park, pool, and amphitheater-style park similar to Central Park. Borders will be Trenton to the west, 51st to the north, willow to the east and Northfield Blvd to the south.

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Willow Park East Neighborhood, Central Park Denver

Willow Park East

The ninth neighborhood in Central Park is Willow Park East. The neighborhood continues to take its cues from the prairie and introduces 2 new parks; Harvest Park, Quilted Park and Pizza Park. There will also be 6 more green-space areas the center of which will be Prairie Meadow Park. There will also be a new dog park. Willow Park East is located to the west of Conservatory green and is boarded to the west at 56th Ave, to the north at Central Park Blvd, to the east of Spruce Street and the east at Prairie Meadow Drive.

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Wicker Park Neighborhood, Central Park Denver

Wicker Park

The tenth neighborhood in Central Park in Wicker Park. The Wicker Park neighborhood brings together a vibrant, convenient location and peppers in beautiful paths and green spaces to make another wonderful Central Park Neighborhood. Long paths and abundant stretches of nature in just about all directions. Great schools and nearby places to find all you need make this neighboorhood a gem. Wicker Park is located to the east of Central Park Blvd, to the north of Prarie Meadow Drive and the south on 56th Ave.

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Beeler Park Neighborhood

Beeler Park

The eleventh neighborhood is Beeler Park. Beeler Park continues the grand vision Central Park has of sustainability, efficient homes and numerous parks and paths to explore. Beeler Park extends to Central Park footprint beyond 56th Avenue and into the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge, or right next to it. The wildlife refuge combined with Dick's Sporting Goods Park next door makes Beeler Park a mecca for activities. Additionally, at the heart of the neighborhood is Beeler Park and Plaza. The park stretches the entire midsection of the neighborhood and connects the north and south side. The Beeler Park Plaza features a meandering stream where kids can play and adults can gather. Beeler Park is sure to be a wonderful new gathering place in the greater Central Park community.

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Central Park's North End Neighborhood

North End

The twelfth neighborhood and the final neighborhood is North End in Central Park. North End is the final evolution of the Central Park master plan. The idea of North End is where the city meets the country. Wide-open space is the prevailing theme of this final neighborhood.  While still only 15 minutes out from downtown Denver, the North End neighborhood is surrounded by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Roaming bison, wide-open blue skies, sprawling landscapes punctuated by incredible views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range is where this neighborhood finds is place amongst the other incredible Central Park Neighborhoods.  

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