Central Park Schools

Central Park SchoolsThe Central Park neighborhood is home to fourteen Denver schools. They are located throughout different neighborhoods within Central Park and include everything from daycare to early childhood education to one of Denver’s highest-performing secondary schools.

Anchor Center for the Blind
Early Education
2550 Roslyn Street
Denver, CO 80238


The Anchor Center for the Blind is located in the 29th Avenue Neighborhood in Central Park. It teaches visually impaired infants, young children and their families a nurturing environment where children can reach their highest potential. It educates nearly 400 blind children in Denver every year.

Denver Green School Northfield
Middle School 6th-8th grade
5677 N Galena St, Denver, CO 80238


DGS Northfield provides students with an engaging learning experience, that is focused on real-world issues. Through our excursion program and with a broad lens of sustainability, we leverage meaningful learning opportunities that bring the most out of our students.

Denver School of Science and Technology
Charter High School 6th-12th grade
2000 Valentia Street
Denver, CO 80238


The Denver School of Science & Technology in Central Park is a charter school, part of the Denver public school system, catering to grades 6-12 and is located in the South End neighborhood. It is widely known to be one of the leading open enrollment STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics) in the US. It has consistently been the highest-performing secondary school in DPS and sent 100% of its graduating class to a four-year college for the 4th year in a row!! It also received $1M from the Oprah Angel network in 2010. Read about it here. DSST serves students from all parts of Denver with a student population of 65% minority and 45% low-income.

Middle School 6th-8th grade
8499 E, Stoll Pl, Denver, CO 80238


Close, caring relationships are at the heart of our approach and our school culture intentionally fosters strong relationships. We prepare students for college, with an emphasis on developing students through liberal arts learning (reading, writing, mathematics, and science). Students succeed through classroom environments that are structured for success with clear academic and behavioral expectations and flourish in our many extracurricular activities and athletic programs. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that our students are prepared for college, career, and life.

High School 9th-12th grade
5590 Central Park Blvd building 4, Denver, CO 80238


DSST Public Schools is widely considered to be one of the leading open enrollment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) schools in the United States, and has become a destination for educators nationwide. DSST schools are home to the highest performing and highest growth secondary schools in Denver Public Schools, and to date, 100% of our graduates have been admitted into college or university.

Inspire Elementary
Elementary School ECE - 5th grade
5677 N N Galena St, Denver, CO 80238


Inspire Elementary prepares children to positively impact their future. Inspire Elementary leverages children’s passions, talents, and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child.

Isabella Bird
Elementary School, ECE - 5th grade
2701 Lima St,
Denver, CO 80238


Our mission at Isabella Bird Community School is to provide an educational experience that is equitable, intellectually stimulating, and inspires curiosity to ensure our students will be academically prepared, socially and environmentally responsible, culturally responsive, and personally fulfilled life-long learners.

Knowledge Beginnings
12 months to 8th grade
10325 E. 31st Avenue
Denver, Co 80238


Knowledge Beginnings is a Daycare facility located in the Eastbridge neighborhood in Central Park. It includes programs for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners with a variety of enrichment programs for each.

Montessori Children's House of Denver
Daycare – 6 weeks – 12 yrs old
2211 Xanthia Way Denver
Denver, CO 80238


The Montessori Children’s House of Denver is a private preschool and elementary school that was established in 1991 and is accredited by NCA-NASI. MCHD’s curriculum emphasizes science, art, math, reading, geography, cultural studies, environmental awareness, nature study, and peace education in a stimulating and nurturing environment where all children can thrive. Our first campus at 1467 Birch Street (Bellevue-Hale) occupies a beautiful brick house that was once an early-Denver farmhouse. MCHD’s four campuses in Denver’s Central Park, Park Hill, Mayfair, and Hilltop neighborhoods provide comprehensive education to toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students in their communities.

High School 9th-12th grade
5500 Central Park Blvd, Denver, CO 80238


Northfield High School, an International Baccalaureate School, offers a progressive, challenging, and exciting academic program. In addition to the core curriculum, NHS has a full array of electives, including four Career Connect Pathways. A comprehensive athletic program and a robust activity program driven by student interests and passions round out the student experience. NHS promotes an inclusive school community that encourages student creativity, self-awareness, independence, and collaboration among students with different interests. NHS teachers inspire students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners, problem solvers, and effective communicators. The focus on collaborative and global learning ensures that graduates are prepared to be fully informed, principled, and engaged citizens of the world.

Primrose School
6 weeks – 11 years
2501 Syracuse Street
Denver, Co 80238

Primrose School of Central Park

The Primrose School in Central Park is located in the 29th Avenue Neighborhood and offers educational childcare with expertise in early childhood development. Their curriculum includes two philosophies which include; 1) a child-initiated approach in which children are free to explore their individual interests and 2) a teacher-direction approach in which the teachers lead children on a consistent learning path.

Swigert-McAuliffe International School
Denver Public School ECE3 – 2nd grade in 2011
35th Avenue & Syracuse Street
Denver, Co 80238


Swigert-McAuliffe International School is Central Park's newest school located in the Central Park West neighborhood. Currently, the school consists of Principal Chuck Raisch, six teachers, an ECE3 class, two ECE4 classes, two Kindergartens, and a 1st grade housed temporarily in Westerly Creek. In August 2011, the school will move into its own building at 35th and Syracuse, where it will offer ECE3 through 2nd grade for the first year. In 2012-2013, Swigert-McAuliffe will expand to offer ECE through 3rd grade, plus 6th grade. The plan is that eventually, the building will house two separate schools--an elementary school on mostly the first floor and a middle school on mostly the second and third floors.

Westerly Creek Elementary School
Denver Public School ECE-5th Grade
8800 E. 28th Avenue
Denver, Co 80238


Westerly Creek Elementary school is a Denver Public School serving early Childhood education through 4th Grade. In 2012 the school will become an ECE – 5th-grade school. It’s located in the Westerly Creek neighborhood of Central Park and was Central Park’s very first school. It is devoted to the DPS Core Curriculum which includes the Literacy and Everyday Math programs as mentioned above. It also includes a dedication to advancing the arts, physical education, technology, and character.

William R. Roberts
Denver Public School ECE-8th Grade
2100 Akron Way
Denver, Co 80238


The Bill Roberts school in Central Park is a Denver Public School serving ECE through 8th grade and is located in South End Neighborhood. The curriculum for K-5 incorporates Denver Public Schools Literacy Program and Everyday Mathematics. The Literacy Program includes 90 minutes of uninterrupted reading, writing, and literacy skills per day for each grade level. The Everyday Mathematics curriculum includes Real Life Problem Solving, Balanced Instruction, Multiple Methods for Basic Skills Practice, and an Emphasis on Communication. The campus is a green campus using geothermal renewable energy to heat and cool the building.

Willow Elementary
Elementary School ECE - 5th Grade
8499 Stoll Pl, Denver, CO 80238


Willow is committed to a rigorous academic experience that emphasizes learning as an interactive process. We are focused on meeting each student’s individual needs to ensure that all succeed. Students are immersed in the learning process through technology-enhanced exploration, discussion, and reflection. Students will access technology on a daily basis to generate and reinforce their learning.