Public Art in Central Park Denver
Public Art in Central Park Denver

You find Public Art in Central Park Denver sprinkled throughout carefully selected locations.  The Public Art Advisory committee, comprised of artists, residents and representatives of other community interests, meet to discuss the artists, their art and the location in which their art will be displayed.

Forest City, the master developer of Central Park, has set a very high standards for its outdoor landscapes and believes in creating places that will stand the test of time.  They also believe that it is important to create value in the landscapes and have this art be accessible for everyone in Central Park so that we as a community can engage in a dialogue about the pieces.

There are currently 10 pieces of public art in Central Park with plans to continue expanding as Central Park grows:

  • The Founders Fountain by Andy Dufford and Christian Muller (29th Ave. & Roslyn)
  • The Eye and the Horizon by Ilan Averbuch (29th Ave & Xenia)
  • Conditional Reflections by Russell Rock and Jeanine Centuori (pool at 29th Dr. & Geneva St)
  • The Picnic by Gerald Heffernon (35th Ave. & Xenia St.)
  • Geodes by Andy Dufford (Bridge @ Central Park Blvd. & 26th)
  • Prairie Reef by Erick Johnson (median at Central Park Blvd. &  23rd Ave)
  • Airfoil at DSST by Patrick Marold (22nd Ave & Verbena St.)
  • Garden Stories by Lars Stanley (23rd Ave. & Spruce St.)
  • Bridge Towers by Douglas LamsonSouth Castings by Thomas Sayre (Westerly Creek Greenway of Beeler)

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