Pools in Central Park DenverPools in Central Park Denver

Pools in Central Park Denver have a plethora of aquatic activities and one-of-a-kind water features that have been individually designed for a different audience.

Aviator Pool

8054 E. 28th in the 29th Avenue Neighborhood

Aviator Pool

The Aviator Pool is Central Park’s first pool and is one of two pools with a diving board. It includes lap lanes and is home to the Central Park Sting Rays swim team.

Puddle Jumper

2401 Xenia Street in South End

Puddle Jumpers

This pool in Central Park was designed with tots in mind and is a favorite for young swimmers. It has a zero entry which means that your little ones can walk out as far as they want without having to swim. It also includes lots of fountains and geysers which makes it fun for adults too.

F-15 Pool

2831 Hanover in Eastbridge

F-15 Pools

This is my favorite pool in Central Park and geared a little bit more towards adults. While every pool has a kid friendly element, this pool has great grassy areas, shade and lap lanes which us adults love. And yes, you are allowed to bring in cans of beer – no glass though!

Jet Stream Pool

3574 Alton Street in Central Park North

Jet Stream Pool

The Jet Stream pool is great for kids and adults alike.

Runway 35 Pool

8863 E 47th Ave, Directly north on North Field Mall

Runway 35 Pool, Central Park

One of the bigger pools in Central Park and it has it all. There are swimming lanes, a diving board, kiddy pool and lounge chairs right in the pool.

Maverick Pool

8822 Beekman Place, Conservatory Green

Maverick Pool, Conservatory Green

One of the least crowded pools in Central Park. This pool has lap lanes, lots of grass and 2 large umbrellas for hosting larger groups.

F54 Pool

9888 E 59th Pl, Denver, CO 80238

F54 Pool in North End Central Park

The only pool in the North End Neighborhood doesn't keep it from being the best pool in Central Park. The F54 pool features a large layout and water slide.

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