Central Park Greenway Park

Central Park Greenway Park

The Central Park Greenway Park was the very first park to be built in the Central Park neighborhood.  It runs East and SouthWest connecting at Westerly Creek on the East end and wraps around to the Southwest ending at the Tennis Courts located off Montview and Syracuse.  It serves as a wonderful green space which separates the Westerly Creek neighborhood and the South End neighborhood.

Included in its 44 acres is a skate park which you will find teeming with kids every day of the week. From the hardcore skaters who pull Indygrabs and railslides to beginners of the sport, you will find a wide spectrum of skill levels at this Skate Park. It has a cement bowl shaped like a shallow peanut with a few ledges around the deck. The shallow end is about 2’ deep with the deep end being around 4 1/2’ deep. The3-acre dog park includes one large enclosure for dogs of all sizes, with sand, benches and a water spigot for thirsty Fido. It also has fire hydrants, shade for the owners and easy street parking.  If you own a dog, like most folks in Central Park do, then you will enjoy this. It is located on the South-East side of Syracuse, between 20th and 23rd.

It also includes a Child’s playground with an “Islands in a Stream” theme which includes jungle gym equipment and a large sandbox. There is a Lookout Tower that provides stunning mountain views and a view of Downtown Denver.

The community garden located just to the North of the Dog Park is now producing wonderful flowers and vegetables and has become home to an interesting display of public art.

Other amenities of the Central Park Greenway Park include a boulder climbing park and picnic areas and a small sledding hill that only a few people take advantage of.

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