Top 4 Mountain Bike Trails Within 45 Minutes of Denver

Denver's Top Mountain BikingProbably no other metro area in the United States offers as much access to world-class mountain biking as Denver. It’s truly one of the things that puts this city in a class of its own when it comes to inspiring and exciting outdoors enthusiasts.

There are well over 1,000 rides and trails within easy driving distance from the Mile High City. While each has its own memorable experience to offer, you probably don't have the time to ride them all.

Try the best first. Here are the top 4 mountain bike trails within 45 minutes of Denver.

Apex Park

It doesn’t get much more convenient than this for city-dwelling mountain bikers. The Apex Park tour is a short jaunt down I-70, south of Golden, just minutes away from the city center.

The eight-mile trail begins with a steep climb that finally reaches its peak (1,700 feet higher than you started) at mile five. Over the last three miles of the journey, you descend out into the wide-open country with stunning views of Denver.

Check the MTB Project page for the Apex Park tour for more information about ride times and trail features.

Lair O’ the Bear Park, a personal favorite 

It may begin with a peaceful pedal alongside the fly fishing waters of Bear Creek, but the Lair O’ the Bear Park trail will soon snap you out of your Rocky Mountain wonder. Just after the first mile of the 12-mile trek, you’ll hang a sharp left and start a steep climb. Technical challenges and plenty of bobbing and weaving await you on this difficult but thrilling ride.

Just a 30 minute drive south and you’ll be at the Lair O’ the Bear Park for one of the best out-n-back rides in the Denver area.

Betasso Preserve

The terrain at Betasso Preserve is diverse, well-maintained, reasonably challenging, making it a favorite destination for all types of mountain bikers in the Denver area -- weekend warriors and seasoned experts alike.

The entrance of the Betasso Preserve is just a stone’s throw from Boulder. It’s probably on the edge of being within 45 minutes of Denver, but it’s worth the drive. Take the trip and measure your skills against some of the top riders in the region. 

The Super Betasso trail comes highly recommended.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Another one at the edge of our range, Golden Gate Canyon State Park has the goods to attract mountain bikers all the way from Denver out to Central City, CO. At the end of your 45-minute drive, you’ll find one of the biggest riding challenges in the region. It’s a 24-mile trek with a 4,400-foot climb that will take you to your limits.

It’s a difficult challenge for even the fittest riders, but maybe that’s just what you’re looking for. Maybe don’t start here, but definitely put Golden Gate Canyon State Park on your list of must-ride trails.

The 24-mile trail is called the Full Pull. Find more info here.

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