Tips for Selling a Home in Denver or Any Competitive Market

Even with demand for real estate reaching all time highs, selling a home in Denver still comes with plenty of challenges. In a highly competitive market like this one, decisions have to be made quickly and mistakes can be more costly.


Whatever you decide to do, following a clear strategy is a must when marketing your home against stiff competition. Here are some tips to he


Work With a Professional to Choose a Price


Price is always a huge factor, but it becomes especially important in a competitive market. It's often the first thing home buyers look at when browsing home listings. Therefore, it's easy to see why choosing a price point can be the most difficult decision sellers have to make. This is why you need a real estate agent capable of looking at deeper market trends to help you maximize every penny of potential value without scaring away potential buyers.


For help on setting the best possible price, Check out our page on pricing your home, use our free market analysis tool, or contact us today for a one-on-one discussion of your property and your financial goals.


Make Your Home Distinctive


Home buyers see many homes during their shopping experience. The ones they are most likely to remember – and ultimately bid on -- are the ones that were somehow able to make a deep first impression.


There are a number of ways you can strategically improve your home so it can stand out and leave a lasting impression. Some sellers opt to repaint interiors in eye-catching colors that have wide appeal, some upgrade fixtures throughout the house and others invest in renovations or additions. Focusing on exteriors – landscaping, front door, windows and much more -- is also wise because these factors play such a big role in establishing the curb appeal of your property.


According to Neil Spencer, an agent specializing in real estate in Castle Rock, "Thinking like a buyer, or seeking advice from a buyer’s and seller’s agent, will help you make the right strategic upgrades that will allow your home to stand out on the market."


Visuals Are Important


All of your marketing materials online and offline should contain visuals of your home. Arranging for professional photography of interiors and exteriors will give buyers more trust in your property and give you a leg up on the competition.


Open House Appeal


You can offer buyers a full experience and make your home stand out by appealing to all five of their senses during an open house. Making small inexpensive improvements, such as upgrading lighting, and adding in smell-goods, such as air fresheners and flowers, will make your open house an event that sticks in the minds of buyers as they continue their property search.


Find the Best Denver Real Estate Agent


The tips in this article will help you put your property in position to benefit from the competitive market out there, but the biggest advantage you can give yourself is finding the best Denver real estate agent.


For advice on selling a home in Denver, call The Neir Team at 720.280.3004 or 720.935.4399 today and talk with the local residential real estate experts!

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