Relocating to Denver a Smart Move Thanks to State Economic Outlook

After a strong economic performance in 2014, Colorado finds itself ranked in the top five nationally for wage and salary growth, personal income growth, and employment growth. But, is this success expected to carry over into 2015?

According to projections released recently at the 50th annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook (CBEO) event, the state is on track for even greater economic expansion in the year ahead. That’s great news for current residents or anyone considering relocating to Denver in the near future.

In 2015, almost every business sector is expected to add jobs in Colorado, which will provide plenty of fuel for the local economic engine.

Denver’s high-tech and diversified economy, global economic access, relatively low cost of doing business, and exceptional quality of life will ensure both short- and long-term economic growth locally. The workforce here is more skilled, but also older than average.

Most importantly, for those thinking about relocating to Denver, there is a shortage of qualified, available workers in many industries. Jobs are there to be had. In fact, according to the CBEO report, an estimated 61,300 jobs will be added throughout Colorado in 2015.

The annual outlook report confirms what we already know: Colorado has very bright economic prospects compared to many other regions and states in the US, making this area a prime target for anyone looking to expand their job opportunities or improve their quality of life.

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