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Easy Upgrades that Spark Joy for Buyers and Yourself

Happy House Happy Life

The Denver real estate market is scorching hot right now. My opinion on why this is happening is outlined in this article: Why hasn't COVID 19 slowed the Denver Real Estate Market? With a market this hot, as an owner/seller you might tell yourself - buyers will love my home regardless! While this certainly may be true, some strategic upgrades can increase your odds while creating a tidal wave of joy for yourself.

I often see sellers really start considering improvements right around the time they go to sell. This is {nuts emoji}. What if I could convince you that some simple upgrades could spark joy in your life! A tangible joy that will lift our mood every day. Wouldn’t it be worth doing that now instead of at sale time? If you are still with me, I’m glad you agree and here are some suggestions.

Let's start in the bathroom(s). A room you are in every day regardless of your schedule. A simple upgrade here will, absolutely, spark joy in your life. Start with a deep clean. Go through everything and throughout all the {poop emoji} that has accumulated. 

Next, let's add some organization. Go to Target or the Container Store and grab some drawer organizers. Give yourself dedicated areas for smaller things, like hair products and jewelry. In the cabinets, upgrade to roll-out shelving or decor appropriate baskets for easy access to commonly used items.

Creative bathroom ideas...