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Top Appreciating Neighborhoods in Denver

Denver Appreciation Rates  Since the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) began tracking the home price index back in 1991, the average cost of a home in Denver has more than quadrupled. That’s the best long-term appreciation rate of any metro area in the United States over that timeframe.

If you’ve been watching the Denver housing market at all recently, you know that our short-term appreciation rates are just as strong. Home prices are booming all around town, but there are some neighborhoods experiencing really powerful gains.

Want to know which areas qualify as the top appreciating neighborhoods in Denver right now? Here’s our list based on Neighborhood Scout data for the Mile High City.


Located in a southeastern section of Denver outside the city center, the Lowry neighborhood is a planned development that has completely revitalized land that once was home to an Air Force Base.

Lowry isn’t your typical planned community. It’s diversity, self-sufficiency, and architectural style are just a few of the interesting features that have made this neighborhood home to some of the fastest appreciating real estate in Denver.

With many of the city’s wealthiest executives and professionals choosing Lowry as their home base, it’s no surprise that the neighborhood offers an enviable mix of spacious homes and rapidly rising real estate values.

The median price of real estate in Lowry Denver is $625,586.


Top 4 Mountain Bike Trails Within 45 Minutes of Denver

Denver's Top Mountain BikingProbably no other metro area in the United States offers as much access to world-class mountain biking as Denver. It’s truly one of the things that puts this city in a class of its own when it comes to inspiring and exciting outdoors enthusiasts.

There are well over 1,000 rides and trails within easy driving distance from the Mile High City. While each has its own memorable experience to offer, you probably don't have the time to ride them all.

Try the best first. Here are the top 4 mountain bike trails within 45 minutes of Denver.

Apex Park

It doesn’t get much more convenient than this for city-dwelling mountain bikers. The Apex Park tour is a short jaunt down I-70, south of Golden, just minutes away from the city center.

The eight-mile trail begins with a steep climb that finally reaches its peak (1,700 feet higher than you started) at mile five. Over the last three miles of the journey, you descend out into the wide-open country with stunning views of Denver.

Check the MTB Project page for the Apex Park tour for more information about ride times and trail features.

Lair O’ the Bear Park, a personal favorite 

It may begin with a peaceful pedal alongside the fly fishing waters of Bear Creek, but the Lair O’ the Bear Park trail will soon snap you out of your Rocky Mountain wonder. Just after the first mile of the 12-mile trek, you’ll hang a sharp left and start a steep climb. Technical challenges...

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers in Denver

How to buy a homeThinking about taking the big leap into the world of home ownership? It may be the biggest purchase you’ve made in your life so far, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a frightening experience.

If you’re prepared and you have the right assistance, buying your first home should be a thrilling and positive experience. To ensure that your initial foray into property purchasing is a success, follow the Neir Teams list of top tips for first-time homebuyers in Denver.

1. Find the Right Denver Real Estate Agent

If you haven’t already found a Denver real estate agent to work with, that should be your first move. Real estate professionals are especially valuable to first-time buyers who have never been through the process before. Their advice will be invaluable when prioritizing needs, budgeting, searching for a home and negotiating.

2. Know Your Finances

When it comes time to buy a home, you don’t want your finances to hold you back. It’s wise to verify your budget capabilities and your credit score before you even begin looking for homes. Saving and budgeting aren't just for your down payment. You’ll probably need to tighten your belt a little to account for the new mortgage payment you’re about to take on.

3. Be Realistic About Your Needs

You’ve probably been dreaming for years about finding that ideal home that meets your every need and desire. We’re not here to say you shouldn’t have everything you want in a home, but the realities of the market...

Top Things to do with Kids in Denver

What to do with kids in DenverRunning out of things to do with your kids? After months of summer vacation, it’s understandable if you feel like you’ve seen and done every kid-friendly activity the Mile High City has to offer. We’re here to help.

 Here’s our list of the of the top things to do with kids in Denver. Check out these entertaining and educational spots around town the next time you need to plan a Saturday afternoon that will keep the entire family happy.

 Top Things to do with Kids in Denver

  1.  The Denver Museum of Nature & Science

    The DMNS aims to inspire people of all ages through the wonder of scientific discovery. There’s a planetarium, an IMAX theater, and enough exhibits to keep the kids interested and engaged for an entire day. The Discovery Zone is especially geared toward the museum’s younger visitors. Visit for more information.

  2.  Downtown Aquarium

    Denver’s public aquarium features exhibits that highlight some of the most fascinating underwater ecosystems in the world’s oceans. There’s something for everyone in the family at Downtown Aquarium -- a 4-D theater experience, a carousel, the Nautilus Ballroom, the Aquarium Restaurant, shopping, and more! Find more info at Denver Aquarium

  3. Denver Zoo

    Ride the zoo train, feed the giraffes, and let your little ones learn fascinating wildlife facts in the...

RiNo Neighborhood and North Denver Update

The RiNo Neighborhood and surrounding areas are growing and changing at a very rapid pace. There are currently six North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC) projects in various phases in and around the RiNo Neighborhood in Denver. With so much going on, here is a quick update to bring you up to speed.

 RiNo Building Heights  Blake St. Bike Lane
The Denver Planning Board has approved the final draft of the 38th and Blake rail station height amendment. This amendment is geared toward increasing the height restrictions around the commuter rail station. The increase in zoning height is a result of promoting transit-oriented development in and around the rail station...More A new bike lane and 2-way traffic are coming to Blake street between Broadway and 35th Avenue.
 Brighton Blvd Improvement I-70 Interstate Cover...