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The Best New Denver Hot Spot – Old Major

Old Major - LoHiI’ve always felt that eating out in Denver was not only delicious and fun, but being the foodie from Chicago that I am, I always hope for a bit of an adventure too.  To me, a best new restaurant needs to obviously have great food, but it should also have an array of libations, a cool vibe, trendy décor, impeccable service, and leave you wanting to come back again.  Old Major Denver has it all!

Located at 33rd and Tejon in the Highlands neighborhood, Old Major is considered to be “Bistro Style” serving “American” fare.  I’d agree that it’s American, but with some of the most unique takes on dishes that I have ever seen and eaten.  How about a “Nose to Tail Plate”, consisting...

1031 Exchange – What you need to know

1031 Exchange InformationA 1031 exchange allows you to defer the capital gains tax due on the sale of a piece of real property by rolling the gain into any other type of real property. A qualified intermediary must complete the 1031 exchange and there are very specific rules that must be adhered to.

The total capital gains tax calculation as of 2013:

  • Taxation on depreciation recapture at 25%
  • Federal capital gains taxes at 20% (or 15%)
  • 3.8% Medicare surcharge tax on net investment income
  • State tax rate (0% - 13.3%)

Medicare and Federal Capital Gains tax depend on your taxable income



What Worries You About Buying a Home?

Home buyer worries are completely natural when you are taking such a big step.  Any good realtor can give you home buying tips and help alleviate fear when buying a home.  Here are several worries that one might have when making such a big purchase:

Home Buying Concerns

Buyer concern – Fluctuating mortgage interest rates

Rates fluctuate all the time.  The key is to lock in at a rate that you are not only comfortable with, but that is the best your mortgage broker can get for you.  Your realtor can make suggestions as to the best mortgage broker to work with, one the will help guide you thought the process and offer exemplary customer service.

Buyer concern – Not finding a home for sale you...

Architecture Housing Styles in the Highlands

Highland ArchitectureHomes in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver (founded in 1858) come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, ages and prices. On any given street, one can find houses in as many as half a dozen architectural styles, with modest Denver Squares, next to Craftsman bungalows, next to even more elaborate Queen Annes and then newer homes that borrow elements from their older neighbors.  To break down the architecture even a bit further, think charming, with exposed brick walls, winding staircases and other attributes of true Victorian architecture.

The residents’ overall love for historic preservation is the reason for the Highlands neighborhood’s melting...

Central Park Events for September

Central Park September EventsSome people think that when summer is over, all the fun is over.   In Central Park, they’re just getting started again!  Particularly in Denver, Colorado, the residents here know how to maximize the amazing weather they have, truly all year long.  The pools may be closed, and school might be back in session, but swimming with friends simply scratches the surface of what Central Park as a community has to offer.

Central Park events are for everyone.  Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a family and whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, there is always something to do.  People will be out and about all the time, in the parks, on their blocks and up at the many retail areas and restaurants throughout...