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Amazing Architecture in Five Points

Architecture in Five PointsVery few of Denver’s many neighborhoods have the rich, historical flare that can be found in Five Points. The streets are lined with mature trees, classically designed homes, and parks that have stood the test of time. Although it has had to endure the label as one of the city’s rougher and lower-end neighborhoods, Five Points is making a strong comeback, showcasing its new and improved Five Points architecture: a co-mingled blend of historical charm and modern convenience.

Five Points is located just east of downtown and houses one of Denver’s fastest growing areas, Curtis Park. Five Points has an interesting and well documented jazz history. Musical greats like Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and Duke Ellington have played...

Life at Denver’s Ritz Residences

The residences at the Ritz-CarltonWe have already showcased a few of Denver’s preeminent luxury condos. From the Glass House to One Lincoln Park, there is a wide variety of gorgeous and spectacular condos to choose from if you are looking for the luxurious kind. However, the residences at the Ritz Carlton are truly in a league of their own. Named Residence XXV, these 25 Denver’s Ritz residences set the bar high for other glamorous condos around town.

Located in...

Competitive Offers

Competing offersWhen a real estate market is experiencing low inventory and highly motivated sellers like the current one in Denver, the outlook can appear rather bleak for buyers itching to place an offer. Homes are going under contract within hours of going on the market and the majority are receiving multiple offers before weeding them down to a single winner. In a market like this, the best advantage a buyer has is to be competitive and formulate the most appealing offer possible. This is one of the most important home buying tips we can advise upon and here are a few ways to create your most competitive offer.

The importance of being prepared to act quickly cannot be stressed enough. Not only does that mean submitting an offer as soon as you can, but it also means being prepared...