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Risks of Radon in Colorado

How Radon enters the homeMost people who have bought or sold a home in Colorado have heard of radon and that detecting and mitigating the gas is incredibly important. But very few people actually know what radon is and are aware of the disastrous effects it can have on the body. So when people ask, “is radon dangerous”, the answer is a very resounding “yes.”

In order to properly inform yourself about the risks and dangers associated with radon, it is important to first understand what it is and the effects it can have on the human body. Radon is a radioactive, cancer-causing gas that seeps up through the ground. It is a result of radioactive breakdown of uranium in water, soil, and rocks. Unbeknownst to most, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, according to the Surgeon General, behind smoking. Radon in Colorado is quite prevalent and something that needs to be tested any time one buys a home.

How to stop RadonTo address the radon risk, a home inspector will set up a radon test in the basement of a home for two days. This test consists of a charcoal canister that absorbs any radon in the area. After those two days, the canister is sent away for testing and a lab measures how much radon gas the charcoal absorbs. If the levels are above the required limit, 4 picocuries per liter, than a radon mitigation system must be installed to bring that level down to a safe amount. Surprisingly, one in every 15 homes is found to have elevated radon levels and radon in Colorado is one of the biggest concerns....

Home Buyer Tips in a Seller’s Market

Get your offer acceptedIf you have been paying any attention at all to the current real estate market in Denver, than you know that it is strongly in favor of sellers. With inventory astonishing low and more buyers than available houses, people looking to sell their home have all of the power. And when it comes to buying a home in this market, it is crucial to heed any home buying tips and to be consciously aware of anything that might turn a seller off of your offer. Below are a few things to avoid when  buying a home in this crazy Denver market.

Do not make a “low-ball” offer, even to just see what will happen. We may not be psychic, but we can already tell what will happen; you will be ignored and passed over. Some listings are receiving dozens of offers within hours of going on the market and many are well above asking price. If you submit an offer below the listed price, sellers have full authority to pass right over it. This is common sense home buying and one of the most important home buying tips. Make a fair, clean, and hopefully, contingent-free, offer.

Once you have submitted an offer that the seller has accepted, do not think that the house is yours. There is still the whole process of inspections, loan conditions, and other important deadlines that can make or break a deal. A vital, and rather courteous, home buying tip applies to the inspection. If you are buying a home and get back the inspection report, do not ask the seller to fix frivolous and pointless repairs. Some items need to be tended to, but if your demands are outrageous, ridiculous, and tedious, the sellers have every right to back out of the deal and find another buyer. And in this market, another buyer is sure to come along. Be sure to consult with your realtor...

Historic and Modern Charm in Observatory Park Architecture

Denver's Observatory ParkThe Observatory Park neighborhood may be further from downtown Denver than some of the other neighborhoods we have profiled, but what it lacks in proximity to the city, it more than makes of for in historic charm and an atmosphere all its own. This area has a vibrant college-town feel, a central location, and distinctive Observatory Park architecture that help to make the neighborhood one of Denver’s best.

Living in Observatory Park has numerous perks not seen anywhere else in the city. Its past and future are ever intertwined with the educational institution it neighbors. A quick 15-minute drive takes you from downtown Denver to the University of Denver campus; a quiet college nestled under mature trees and along shady sidewalks. Now it is time for a quick history lesson. John Evans, the second territorial governor of Colorado, originally founded Northwestern University in Illinois in the 1870s and wanted to create a comparable university in the west and this vision gave birth to DU. The University of Denver campus was developed throughout the end of the 1800s and contributed greatly to development of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Observatory Park home styles range from traditional bungalows and quaint Denver squares to more modern mansions and sprawling contemporary pieces. There is no set definition of Observatory Park architecture, except for the all-encompassing academic and classic feel.

Seach Observatory Park Homes for Sale...

Central Park June Events

What's happeing in Central ParkSummer is in full swing and Central Park events are off and running! With the warmer weather, longer days, and more people out and about, there are dozens of events to choose from almost everyday and that are perfect for the entire family. One of the best perks of this neighborhood is definitely the never-ending list of things to do in Central Park.

One of Central Park’s many monthly events kicks off this Friday, June 7th. First Friday Flights is an adult only event featuring an Italian wine tasting. Call up a babysitter and hit the town with fabulous wines from Italy, provided by Whole Foods and the Grape Leaf. This event is a great example of what’s happening in Central Park that is geared towards a more mature age group. If you are interested, be sure to buy your $15 ticket today, as it is sure to sell out! If this Central Park event sounds right up your alley, then meet at the West Crescent at 6pm and be sure to come thirsty!

If you are looking for a Central Park event that is age-appropriate for the entire family, be sure to check out the various entertainment options at the Green. The first is Theater on the Green, featuring the Broadway hit, Hairspray, on June 7th and 8th. This play will be performed a number of times over the summer, so if you miss this weekend’s, do not worry, as it will be back again. Each week, a new movie will be showcased at the Green, including Moonrise Kingdom and To Kill A Mockingbird in June.

Wondering what to do in Central Park is an easy question to answer. Even with the movies, plays, and wine tasting during the evenings, there are plenty of things to do during the day. A Central Park favorite, the Farmers Market, opens for the season...