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Denver’s Four Season Residences

Four SeasonsWe have already talked about some of Denver’s more exclusive and luxurious residences, including the Spire, One Lincoln Park, and the Glass House. But none of these have the international recognition that the Four Seasons hotel chain has. And when this iconic brand introduced their Four Seasons Residences, it completed raised the bar for luxury living. Whether they are located on breathtaking islands, world-class mountains, or in a chic city, these condominiums are flawless in every aspect. And our fair city is lucky enough to have its own share in the form of Denver’s Four Seasons residences.

The majority of travel- or hotel-savvy people have heard of staying at the Four Seasons. But have you ever heard of living at the Four Seasons? Many lucky homeowners across the world certainly have. From Florence to Boston, Vail to Bora Bora, the Four Seasons hotel chain has been busy building new permanent residences as their next business venture.  Located in the heart of the theatre district, Denver’s Four Seasons residences share the same building as the hotel itself. The 45-story building encompasses a perfect blend of short- and long-term living.

For those lucky enough to say that they live in Denver’s Four Seasons residences, their lifestyle is the definition...

Aloft Denver City Center

ALoft DenverDenver has some pretty glamorous hotels, from the Ritz and the Four Seasons downtown to the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek and the Hyatt Convention Center with its breathtaking views. These internationally renowned hotels appeal to a wide range of cliental and can sometimes seem overwhelming in their grandeur. But smaller, modern hotels in Denver are starting to spring up throughout the area and are drawing in a younger, chicer group of people. A new addition has just been announced for the vacant lot at the corner of 15th and Stout and buzz is already starting to circulate about the possibilities.

Aloft Denver City Center will be the newest hotel from Starwood Hotel Denver. Word from the developer, JBK Hotels LLC, is that the hotel will offer a sleek, contemporary vibe that will appeal to a younger, urban-oriented client. The lot at 15th and Stout that will house the hotel is rather small, only 12,500 square feet. This means that the Aloft will be about 70,000 square feet in size and only reach six stories high. For those who have stayed in some of the other modern hotels in Denver, their size can be intimidating and overpowering. This small-scale hotel is definitely a welcome addition to the available hotels in the city.

The lot for the new ALot in DenverThe lot is currently occupied by a rather depressing, former Burger King building. The company vacated the building in either the late 1990s or early 2000s, and has seen numerous cheap restaurants, none of which have stayed for very long. The redevelopment of this site is much needed and eagerly anticipated....

First Time Home Buyer Now What

First Home PurchaseOne of the greatest, and most terrifying, things in life is deciding to purchase your first home. There are so many things to consider, from location, to the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, and of course, the price. As a first time homebuyer, there are a hundred things you need to consider, but we are here to offer you some crucial home buying advice.

Many first time homebuyers feel some sense of entitlement, fueled by down-payment assistance programs aimed at these real estate novices. There are certain criteria that may qualify or disqualify you for this assistance and it is important to go into the buying process completely aware of what you are getting yourself into. For instance, you may think you know your household income, but did you know that if your 18-year-old son or daughter lives with you and has a job, their income must be included? This amount can tip you over the qualifying limit and suddenly, you are no longer eligible for assistance. There are must criteria you must fill, and if you fail to fulfill just one, you might not have as much help as you thought.

Aside from some government assistance in the form of down-payment programs, first time homebuyers still need to qualify for a mortgage. This means a steady income, decent credit, reputable employment, and some assets. You need to make sure that even before you start to look for a home, you are aware of what you can afford and do not set your sights too high. It is also important to talk to a seasoned and knowledgeable loan officer, one who can accurately tell you payment deadlines and taxes.

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing your first home. This process is not easy, but it is key to understand as much...

The Timeless Beauty of Crestmoor Architecture

Homes styles in CrestmoorLike Hilltop, the Crestmoor neighborhood is one of Denver’s most affluent and architecturally interesting areas. Luxury meets charm, while history comingles with modern efficiency in this area adjacent to Cherry Creek and Colorado Boulevard. For those looking for a quiet, upper class Denver neighborhood, look no further than Crestmoor with its stylish Crestmoor architecture, its great location, and its timeless beauty.

Those living in Crestmoor have a lot of different Crestmoor home styles to look at on a daily basis. This area features two-story Georgians, English tudors, Georgians, and modern, custom homes. The streets are curvy, winding around the Crestmoor Park, and help to give the neighborhood a distinct and unique feel. Crestmoor architecture has a classic, historic feel, with modern renovation keeping the exteriors untouched, but gutting and revamping the insides to keep up with modern trends.

The location of the Crestmoor neighborhood is hard to beat. It is situated southeast of downtown and is far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life, but close enough to still take advantage of the amenities it offers. The beautiful and acclaimed Cherry Creek shopping district is a mere minutes away, with access to high-end retail stores, grocery services, and delicious restaurants. Living in Crestmoor offers all of the numerous perks of living in a city, but still maintains it suburb vibe.


Uncle Makes a Name for Itself in LoHi

Uncle's Restaurant BarCities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are known for their adventurous cuisine, chic restaurants, and world-renowned chefs. But lately, Denver has begun to make a name for itself in the culinary world and leading the way is the up and coming LoHi neighborhood. With restaurants like Linger and Central Bistro, it is easy to get swept up in the glamour that interesting cuisine can provide. But a new restaurant concept, Uncle in Denver, is making minimalism and ramen noodles look trendy.

When it comes to eating out in Denver, there are plenty of Asian restaurants to choose from. But Uncle in Denver is creating quite the buzz with their Asian-fusion style, blending foods from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Chef-owner Tommy Lee opened the restaurant in August and it has since garnered acclaim from the Denver Post, Westword blog, and 5280 Magazine.

As one of Denver’s hot new spots, it’s menu is vast, interesting, and every changing. One can enjoy their famous steamed buns, adorned with pork belly, shrimp, or avocado for the vegetarian in the group. But their claim to fame is their ramen bowls. These gourmet bowls give the college-preferred Asian noodle a good name. Surrounded by broth, protein, veggies, and eggs, these entrees are what make Uncle in Denver deliciously interesting.


The Advantages of Working with the Kentwood Company | Pocket Listings

Pocket ListingThere are seemingly hundreds of real estate companies in Denver. And with each company come hundreds of brokers. When it comes time to buy or sell a home, all of these choices in brokers can be overwhelming. But all companies are not created equal. The Kentwood Company is a network of three offices and hundreds of professional agents, working together to buy and sell more real estate per agent, in Denver, than any other company. And one of their secret weapons is the pocket listing. But what is a pocket listing, you may ask?

There is a vital timeframe in between the moment a broker signs a listing contract and the moment the listing is actually put on the market. It is almost as though the broker has a listing sitting in their pocket, waiting for news of the perfect buyer or the time to make the listing live. This is a pocket listing and when that broker is part of a larger network, it can be incredibly valuable, especially in a low-inventory market.

For instance, each of the three Kentwood Company offices have weekly meetings, where brokers meet and talk about any new listings that might be coming up. With so many buyers interested in purchasing right now, if your Kentwood Company broker is getting ready to list your house, having them spread the word throughout the company can save you time and money. Knowing the answer to “what is a pocket listing” will keep you in the loop with your broker and increases the chance of selingl your house before it even hits the market.

Kentwood Companies

On average, 17% of the...

Sloans Lake Architecture Brings Charm to West Highlands

Modern Home in Sloans LakeAnyone who pays attention to the rapid growth in Denver knows that Highlands is the place to be. Whether it’s in the trendy LoHi area, or the quaint Highlands Square, this neighborhood has seen a boom in redevelopment and popularity. One of the most beautiful, and quiet, portions of this area is the Sloans Lake neighborhood, with its every changing Sloans Lake architecture and the breathtaking lake that is sure to appeal to any home buyer.

Nestled up against its namesake body of water, this neighborhood is a historical reminder of what the Highlands used to be. Living in Sloans Lake offers residents a cultural lifestyle with the historic past and a glimpse at the modern, upscale future. When Highlands was first developed, the area was filled with traditional bungalows and Denver Squares, all surrounding the lake. This beautiful scenery attracted people from all over and helped grow Sloans Lake architecture into one of the most popular in Highlands. Now, keeping in time with the surrounding infill projects and redevelopments, Sloans Lake architecture is seeing a large number of modern and contemporary town homes springing up on almost every block. This surge of construction is helping to change the overall atmosphere of Sloans Lake home styles.

Real Estate in Sloans LakeWhen it comes to Sloans Lake architecture, there truly is something for everyone. For those looking...

Central Park Events in May

Founders Green - Central ParkDespite the freak Colorado weather and the late season snowstorms, summer really is right around the corner! May is a wonderful month with the flowers starting to bloom, the temperature rising, and the increase of people venturing outside. This is more than true in Central Park, when monthly events kick off and the much anticipate Memorial Day brings with it the opening of the pools and the official start of summer. Central Park events are creative and fun throughout the year, but after a long winter, the events this month are even more awaited.

One of the perks of the warmer spring months is the ability to spend hours outside, basking in the sun. The Sweet William Market takes advantage of this and brings together vendors of all kinds. It sets up on the Green every last Saturday of the summer months, with its official kick off on Saturday, May 25th. If you cannot decide what to do in Central Park on this holiday weekend, pack up the family and head down the Green and explore the various treasures and unique fares that are for sale. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated Central Park events and the wait is finally over.

But arguably some of the best amenities in Central Park are the four pools, dotted throughout the neighborhood. However, they don’t serve much purpose covered in snow. On Saturday, May 25th, all four pools open for the...