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Living Luxuriously at Denver’s One Lincoln Park Residences

One Lincoln ParkDenver has its fair share of luxury residences, from the Glass House in Riverfront to the Spire in Downtown. And each of these towering, Denver luxury condos offers breathtaking views, fabulous amenities, and a lifestyle to be envious of. Denver’s One Lincoln Park residences, located on the outer edge of the city, is no different. This marvelous piece of architectural design is luxury living at its finest.

One Lincoln Park was designed by the nationally renowned Buchanan Yonushewski Group, LLC, an architectural company known for their Denver infill developments over the last 15 years. When they were approached to design a luxury condominium building in Denver, they assembled a special team specifically for One Lincoln Park and went into the project with one goal in mind: change the client’s vision from what is available to what is possible. And with this goal clearly set forth, Denver’s One Lincoln Park residences was born.

Living at One Lincoln comes with numerous options. The condos range from one to three bedrooms, 818 to 3315 square feet. The sprawling three-bedroom penthouse is equipped with a study, three and a half bathrooms, and a private terrace. But each condo as breathtaking features and upgrades that will satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. The gourmet kitchens offer handcrafted European cabinets, stainless steel appliances, slab stone countertops, and massive breakfast islands. The bathrooms come with ceramic tile floors, glass mosaic details, and high-end plumbing fixtures. The design team for Denver’s One Lincoln Park residences...

How to Get the Most From Your Realtor

Hire a realtorWhen it comes to buying and selling a home, arguably the most important decision is choosing which realtor to work with. Hiring an expert to purchase or sell such a large asset is always smart business. When it comes to hiring an agent, it is important to know how to get the most from your realtor. Once you have found a realtor that can cater to your needs, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will make this whole process easier.

In order to get the most from your realtor, be loyal. Realtors will work their hardest for you if they know that you are committed to them. Do not go to an open house, call “For Sale By Owner” listings, or respond to an ad and “forget” to mention that you are working with a realtor. The reason to hire a broker in the first place is because they have your best interests in mind and help you when it comes to getting the best price and getting an offer accepted, etc. If you seem disloyal to your realtor, they won’t have incentive to work hard for you.

Select a Realtor with a personality that you click with. There are numerous negotiations that happen over the course of a real estate transaction. If you and your realtor aren’t on the same page, it can be a struggle finding the most beneficial course of action. There is plenty to be concerned about during a real estate transaction. It is not helpful worrying about whether your realtor understands your point of view.

Know what you want. If you hire a realtor and have no idea what you want, you are bound be a little fusturated. To get the most from your realtor, give them a list of what you are looking for so that your realtor can quickly and efficiently find what you are looking for. Working with a buyer’s...

When Buying a Home, What is Earnest Money?

What is earnest MoneyIf you have ever purchased a home before, you are likely to be familiar with the term “earnest money”, but not its definition or purpose. So, what is earnest money? Sometimes, what it signifies, and what the amount means, can be a little vague. To make a long story short, the purpose of earnest money is to serve as a deposit on a home you want to buy, and to show the sellers your earnest intent on purchasing the house. It is an initial investment in the purchase of a home.

Typically, the seller specifies the minimum amount of earnest money required for the purchase of the home. When that happens, it makes the whole process easier. But other times, the buyer is required to offer an unspecified amount and this leaves many people with the looming question, “How much earnest money should I put down?” In reality, it depends on the strength of the market. A lot of home sellers will look at the earnest money amount and gauge the buyer’s financially stability. In a weak real estate market where buyers have all the power, sellers cannot be too picky and cannot read too much into the amount offered. In this case, $500-$1000 might be enough.

However, in a stronger market where sellers are receiving dozens of offers, a buyer wants to extend extra-earnest in order to ease any seller worries. While 1% of the purchase price is usually enough, if you have your heart set on a certain property, offering upwards of 2-3% can help tilt the scale in your favor.

No matter the amount offered, many buyers still come back to the looming question of what is earnest money and what happens to it. Like most deposits, the money will go towards the final down payment and closing costs. If, for some reason, the contract on the...

RTD’s East Rail Line to DIA Showing Signs of Progress

Westin Hotel at DIAWhen Union Station’s monumental renovation and revitalization is complete in the coming years, the citizens of Denver will have a lot to look forward to. The whole area will be alive with activity, new ventures, and limitless possibilities for the city. But what many people are looking forward to more than the revamping of this Denver icon is the installation of the DIA Light Rail. This mega-transportation project will not only ease traveling headaches along I-70, but it will also make the entire trek a breeze.

The Denver East Rail Line is currently under construction and will have stations along the route from DIA to Union Station. The advantages of this DIA Light Rail line are endless, but include swift transportation to the airport and back, the money saved from the ever-rising parking prices at DIA, and the satisfaction of breezing past traffic. Positioned at the end of the line at DIA is the new South Terminal Transit Center which will include 3 components: a new 500-room Westin Hotel, a larger extension to the existing Jeppesen Terminal and the East Line Transit Center for RTD.

More pictures of the East Line Transit Center at DIA

In a recent update from RTD, the Denver East Rail line has caught the eyes of Google, literally. In an updated Google Maps satellite view from October 2012, the rail line bridge construction and alignment grading is perfectly visible along the entire...

Masterpiece Delicatessen: Eating out in Denver

Masterpiece Deli - Front PatioThis fabulously delicious deli may have opened its doors in 2008, but with the sudden and constant growth and popularity of the LoHi and Riverfront neighborhoods, we feel that this artful sandwich shop deserves a place on the list as one of Denver’s hot new spots. Masterpiece Delicatessen in Denver takes a classic, comfort food and makes it all their own, with a menu to die for and a line that seems to wrap around the block.

If you have ever ventured across the white Highlands Bridge and landed on the LoHi side, you were face-to-face with Masterpiece Delicatessen in Denver’s front door. It is located on a prime block along Central Boulevard and has unmatched views of downtown and the mountains. A lovely terrace with plenty of seating is ideal for people-watching or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sun. But the real magic happens inside and comes in the form of artisan sandwiches.

Masterpiece Deli's FoodWhen eating out in Denver, it doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for a classic Cuban or an adventurous White Truffle Egg Salad, as everything is served to perfection with the best ingredients, on home-made bread, and is...

The Architecture You’ll Find While Living in Cherry Creek

Home styles in Cherry CreekThe Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver is a vibrant, affluent, and constantly changing area, complete with one of the most popular commercial districts around and some of the most intriguing architectural styles. Located just southeast of downtown, this neighborhood houses some of the city’s wealthiest, yet still offers a wide range of styles when it comes to Cherry Creek architecture.

Living in Cherry Creek offers an eclectic mix of home styles. There are the typical Denver squares and the ever-abundant bungalows. But Cherry Creek architecture has seen a steady shift towards the more modern and contemporary town homes since the 1950’s. Now, for every few traditional homes, there are an equal or greater number of newer homes. These differing Cherry Creek home styles help to create a fun and interesting neighborhood, helped by constant infill projects and the renovation of the area’s older homes.

Cherry Creek Commercial DistrictArguably the best part of living in Cherry Creek is the location. Whether you live in a contemporary townhouse or a quaint bungalow, this entire neighborhood is just a short distance to an amazing and elaborate commercial district. The famous mall offers everything a shopper could need, from high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s, to the essential fares of Apple and Safeway. There are gourmet restaurants, both old and new, designer home furnishing stores, and even local law firms and small businesses. In keeping in sync with the surrounding Cherry Creek architecture, the commercial district...

Aggregator Websites: Are they accurate for Denver home values?

Aggregator real estate sitesWebsites like Trulia and Zillow are great real estate resources for a variety of reasons. Both buyers and renters can easily filter through numerous homes and try to pinpoint the one that might be the best fit for them. They allow them a more active way of staying on top of their home search. These sites are also a great resource for sellers, as it allows more exposure for their property and availability to a wider audience. However, these websites like to post their version of information for a home’s Denver home value, and frankly, it is usually an inaccurate home valuation.

If you have ever searched for your home on Zillow, it will give you a rather general number as to what your home worth. Rarely, that number is a pleasant surprise. Overall, these numbers are gross generalizations and can be looked at as more of a marketing tool than an actual, solid figure. That number is designed to draw casual consumers in, sign up for these websites’ services, and begin using the other features Trulia or Zillow offer. It is a business model that works for these sites, but as a consumer, it helps to know the truth.

Zillow Home Price?In order to avoid an inaccurate home valuation, Denver home value should be calculated by professionals. Realtors are experts in the home worth game and are the most reliable source to get a number as to your home’s real worth. They also have access...

Living at its Finest: Denver’s Spire Residences

Spire Tower DenveThe view of the Rocky Mountains from downtown Denver is arguably one of the most beautiful scenes in the state. And from certain spots in the city, one can see from Longs Peak in the north down to Pikes Peak in the south in one, uninterrupted turn of the head. It truly is a breathtaking and remarkable sight, reserved for a select few places in town. However, a few are lucky enough to call Denver’s Spire residences home and get to wake up to this view each and every morning. And for this reason, but not excluding others, living at the Spire is the definition of luxury living.

Located on the outer edge of downtown, the Spire is a monumental structure, standing taller than most other buildings in the city and topped with an ever-appropriate spire. The exterior of the building is impressive and creates a fabulous first impression, but the true glamour of this residential tower is experienced inside. When it comes to Denver luxury condos, the Spire adds a creative and designer spin to their units. Each are architecturally inspired with the finest finishes, sustainable features, and designer details. Denver’s Spire residences are also an escape for the senses, as the walls are framed with windows and allow light and Colorado’s breathtaking views to flood the residence. Almost every unit in the Spire offers unobstructed views of either the mountains or the city itself.

For those looking for the ultimate luxury experience, Denver’s Spire residences offer a rather exclusive club. The top ten floors of the building are reserved for the SkyClub Collection: a series of residences that take luxury to a new level. These apartments come complete with upgraded appliances and finishes, panoramic views, expansive outdoor balconies, and exclusive...

Central Park Events in April

Central Park Events in April

April Events in StaletonCentral Park has a lot of perks that attract all kinds of people to this master neighborhood. Some come for the innovative and designer housing, others like its close proximity to Denver and major circulation corridors, and still others come for the highly ranked schools. But no matter the reason people decide to move to Central Park, once here, it continues to impress and exceed standards. The community does this in various ways, but one of the most prominent, and fun, is the constant flow of Central Park events month to month. With parties, grand openings, farmer’s markets, and open-air movies, what to do in Central Park is a very easy answer.

With the start of April, spring is finally here and the events in Central Park are picking up pace. On Saturday, April 13th, the Urban Farm is hosting a traditional “Swing Your Sweetheart” barn dance. So dust off those cowboy boots and join this family-friendly event. For a $25 ticket, you’ll get a barbeque dinner and live music to dance the night away to. Central Park events like this gather the community together and offer the perfect opportunity to show off your best dance moves!

If dancing isn’t your thing, but you still want to participate in what’s happening in Central Park, the list of events is endless. For those with a greener thumb, help Central Park United Neighbors and the Central Park Master Community Association celebrate Arbor Day by planting 30 trees throughout three different Central Park pocket parks. This initiative will require upwards of 20 volunteers and shovels. If you are interested in helping with the most environmental of all Central Park events, meet at the Green at 8 am on the last Friday of...

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Hiring a Realtor

Hiring a RealtorEveryone knows that when it comes to selling your house, the most important, and first step, is to hire a realtor. Real estate is obviously their area of expertise and a broker can help sell your home faster, for more money, and make your life a little easier. But when it comes to hiring a realtor, knowing how to select the right agent in Denver is crucial. To help with this process, it is just as important to focus on what not to do.

Do not hire a broker simply because they agree with the selling price you want. Many times, sellers think that their house is worth more than it actually is, and that can lead to an unexpectedly long time on the market and dissuade potential buyers. When hiring a realtor, listen to their opinion of the price and how they came up with that number. Good real estate agents use years of experience and knowledge to price your house at a figure that will help it sell quickly and for the most money possible. And keep in mind that Denver real estate brokers know this market better than anyone else and stay on top of the ever-changing trends.

Just because a broker offers you a lowered commission does not mean they are the best choice. The famous saying, “You get what you paid for,” is never more applicable than when hiring a realtor. If a broker is offering to be paid less, they are also going to work less, market less, and push less to get your home sold. With that reduced commission, they have less incentive to spend money on the marketing your home may need. How to select the right agent in Denver can be a tough choice, but you want a broker who will work hard for you throughout the entire experience, not give you a lower sticker price just to get you to sign a contract.


A Quick Look at Berkeley Architecture

Berkeley ArchirectureHighlands is Denver’s largest neighborhood, encompassing an area from I-25 to Sheridan, I-70 to 6th Avenue. Some of its smaller areas include the trendy LoHi, the charming Sunnyside, and the growing Jefferson Park. But one of this neighborhood’s most beautiful and eclectic areas is Berkeley. Situated in the northwest corner of Highlands, Berkeley is an intriguing mix of old and new, historic and modern, and the Berkeley architecture is a perfect example of this.

The entire Highlands neighborhood is currently going through a dramatic revitalization, and this could not be more apparent than in Berkeley. This area is embracing the modern housing trends, yet still holding on to its distinct and historic identity. Berkeley home styles are all over the style spectrum and help to create an interesting and eclectic mix. One can find quaint, brick bungalows and small cottages, reminiscent of the neighborhood’s roots. But at a growing rate, newer duplexes and townhomes are sprouting up in the area, adding a very contemporary edge to Berkeley architecture.

Berkeley Home StylesFor those interested in living in Berkeley, there are numerous choices when it comes to housing styles. Along Tennyson and 38th, new developments are expanding and adding sleek residences by the day. But further away from the main corridors, historic mansions, classic tudors, and 1950’s style ranch homes are frequent and help to retain Berkeley’s charm. It is hard to specifically define Berkeley architecture as no one style dominates, which makes this neighborhood so fun and...