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Central Park's New parks in Conservatory Green and Willow Park East

What is the status of the completion of the large parks on the North side of Central Park?  

 A park is a wonderful thing and we are blessed to have so many in our neighborhood of Central Park. Central Park has dedicated 35% of its land use to parks and open space. Why? Because parks are a place where we can get back to nature.  Parks are a place where we take our kids and dogs to play and breathe in that fresh Colorado air. Parks are important to our community and our well-being and you will find one within a stone’s throw of every home within the Central Park community.

 Central Park has continued to grow and flourish to the north of I-70 with four neighborhoods under construction or completed. Those neighborhoods include Conservatory Green, Willow Park East, Wicker Park and Central Park’s next great neighborhood Beeler Park.

 There are numerous parks slated to be completed over the next few years and the Neir Team has the scoop.

Central Park parks in conservatory green and willow park east


The large parks in Conservatory Green are all completed. They include the Conservatory Green and Uplands Park.The Conservatory Green area is similar to the Founders Green on the south side of Central Park. It’s a gathering place for community events including markets and concerts. The large trunk space running through Conservatory Green is complete and is called Uplands Park. The park runs West and East and is bounded by Stoll Place to the North and E. 50th...

Central Park Neighborhood Appreciation | Q4, 2015, Year over Year

Central Park Neighborhood PricesThe Central Park neighborhood is comprised of 10 individual neighborhoods. Most analysis focuses on Central Park's overall performance and how it relates to other Denver neighborhoods. We are starting a series that will be released every quarter that looks at each named neighborhood of Central Park and how it compares to the others.

This article presents detached single family sales stats from the 4th quarter of 2014 compared to the 4th quarter 2015.

Based on the data, it looks like Central Park West was the best performer. Sale prices increased 19% year over year in Central Park West. Looking at the data it's important to look at the sample size when evaluating the results. For Central Park West the total homes sold in Q4, '14 compared to Q4, '15 was 3 and 5 respectively. With that small a sample size, each home sale has a greater impact on the results.  

That being said, Central Park North may have had the best performance. The neighborhood appreciated 15% on 13 and 15 respective home sales. 

Looking at each neighborhoods performance it is clear that Central Park is a good place to own real estate. The average appreciation was 13.68%. Does your neighborhood give you bragging right?

Central Park Neighborhood Sales Comparison

Central Park Neighborhood Appreciation...

Central Park Thrive Home Builders | Current Inventory

Thrive Home Bulders"New Town Builders is now Thrive Home Builders"

One of our team's favorite builders in Central Park is, and always has been, New Town Builders, which is now Thrive Home Builders.

For 24 years, New Town Builders has made a strong name for itself as an award-winning builder of energy efficient homes.  They have built more than 1,000 homes in several neighborhoods of Metro Denver.  You might ask, why change a name that everyone knows?  The company is locally owned, and according to CEO/founder Gene Myers, “The name Thrive Home Builders underscores our commitment to innovate the next frontier in home building We want to build well-crafted ‘healthy homes’ that promote our homeowners’ wellness. We’ve always been about staying ahead of trends, especially when they have a direct impact on our homeowners’ health and the environment.”  So you add that new platform and approach, on top of the already low energy use homes that New Town provides, using extra thick walls, solar panels, etc., and you now have Thrive.

A name change is actually not new for Thrive Home Builders, as Gene's first home building company was called Greentree Homes before New Town Builders.

Thrive Home Builders currently have seven projects in and around Denver:

  1. Solaris Collection at Central Park
  2. ZEN Collection at Central Park 
  3. Central Park Rows at Central Park
  4. Ovation Collection Courtyard Homes at Boulevard One in Lowry
  5. Solaris Collection at Hyland Village
  6. ...

Central Park Summer Fun | 5 Things to Do with the Kids

Things to do in Central Park"Summer Fun in the City"!

Now that it's officially March, moms like myself (and dads too!) are starting to try and figure out some of the best things for kids to do in Central Park this summer.  Summer Solstice might not be until June 20th, but kids will start getting out of school in May.  That's only two months away!

Stapleton, as usual, has a ton of options right in our backyard.  We identified a Top 5 list, while trying to keep the dollar signs to a minimum.  With over 40 miles of urban trails that connect us to so much, staying in and around Central Park is easy and peaceful.

1) Nature Walks at the Bluff Lake Nature Center &/or the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge - Bluff Lake has a total of 23 acres on the eastern edge of Central Park where kids can take in a beautiful lake and plenty of birds.  Perhaps a great game of hide and seek in the middle of glorious nature?  The Rocky Mountain Arsenal has a total of 17,000 acres with golden eagles and bison, and a great welcome center.  An amateur photographer's delight!

2) The Urban Farm - Kids can sign up for horse riding lessons all summer long.  They have both short and long programs available.  In addition, there are farm, specialty and poultry camps.  Workshops, on a farm, in the city. Who would have thought??

3) Central Park's Incredible Swimming Pools - 6 community pools that all open Memorial Day weekend and run until Labor Day.  So whether your child like "F-15"s, wants to be an "Aviator", fly a "Puddle Jumper", cruise in a "Jet Stream" down "Runway 35", or just be a "Maverick" in general, there is a Central Park pool for...

East I-70 Improvement | Eliminating the Viaduct

The Interstate 70 viaduct that stretches from Washington St. to Colorado Blvd. is failing and the Colorado Department of Transportation has been researching alternatives since 2006.

On March 2, 2016 the final public review period closed. CDOT has a finalized environmental impact study and preferred alternative to the existing viaduct. The finalized plan calls for I-70 to be completely overhauled from I-25 to I-225.

The purpose of this article is to focus on the viaduct section between Brighton Blvd and Colorado Blvd. This project will have a large impact on the neighborhoods along the construction corridor, thus presenting an interesting opportunity for investment.

I-70 Construction Overview

The finalized plan removes the viaduct from Brighton Blvd to Colorado Blvd and rebuilds I-70 below grade along this segment. This segment will add 3 lanes of traffic each direction with the addition of a 4th tolled express lane.

I-70 Construction Plan

The most exciting part of this project is the new covered section of the segment that will stretch from Clayton to Columbine Street. This section is being referred to as Partial Cover Park and includes an urban landscape with the potential to include a park, playground, plaza and community garden.  

I-70 Partial Cover...

Central Park's next neighborhood: Beeler Park

Central Park DenverStapleton’s next area to be developed is Section 10, located to the North of 56th Avenue and is bounded by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to the North and East and Dicks Sporting Good complex to the west.  Section 10 has four new neighborhoods slated to be developed over the next few years with Filing 49 scheduled first.

According to our sources, Filing 49 will be called Beeler Park and is the neighborhood furthest to the west bounded by 56th to the South and Central Park Blvd. to the West.  It can be most easily described as the neighborhood that looks like a thumb. This is slated to be the largest neighborhood on the North side of I-70 with over 130 acres of developable land. It has been touted to have some of the best views from all of Central Park including views of Downtown Denver, the Arsenal and Longs Peak.

Central Park Beeler Park

According to the most recent Zoning and Planning meeting held in February, there will be a total of 820 single family detached units,  460 rental units and 160 affordable rental units. The prices will range from the $200,000’s to $800,000’s with many familiar faces building in that neighborhood.

Some of the builders confirmed to be building in Beeler Park will include KB Homes, Infinity Home Collection, Wonderland, Parkwood, Thrive Home Builders, Boulder Creek Builders and David Weekley. Most builders will offer...