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Luxury Denver Condos: The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle DenverWant to talk luxury living?  Let’s talk about the Pinnacle building near downtown Denver.

The Pinnacle is a pair of residential high rises located at 2990 E. 17th Avenue, just south of City Park.  The towers stand at 27 and 22 stories and are accompanied by a 7-story private parking garage and a row of 22 two-story parkhomes.

The condominiums are one, two and three bedroom, starting in the high $200,000’s to low $300,000’s.  Think views, finishes and amenities! ...

Why hire a Denver realtor?

Why hire a realtor?One perception of hiring a realtor is that they are expensive.  Another thought, I can sell my house on my own, no problem. Realtors are professionals that will make sure your real estate transaction completed correctly, by law and with your best interest in mind.  Denver realtors also have access to the most up-to-date real estate systems and references, and techniques to ensure a quick and streamlined process.  Selling a house is much more than just putting a sign in your front yard, an ad in the local paper, and if you’re somewhat technologically savvy, putting it up on MLS

One thing...

Understanding Credit Scores – How it affects your real estate purchase power

How does your FICO affect your purchase powerRemember your credit score indicates your likeliness or willingness to pay and ultimately drives the cost of financing.

Here is how your credit score is calculated:

  • Payment History = 35%
    • Do you pay on time – the single most important factor
  • Amount Owed = 30%
    • Revolving accounts – Keep your credit accounts open and keep the balance below 30% of the credit limit.

These two factors account for 65% of your credit score.

  • Length of Credit History = 15%
    • Longer credit history is better
    • How long have your accounts been open...

Is a sewer line inspection worth the money?

Roots are the main problem with sewer lines in ColoradoSewer line inspections in the state of Colorado are important.  Why you ask?  The answer is because a homeowner is legally responsible for the maintenance of the sewer “lateral” (the sewer line) from their home to the sewer main at the center of the street.  This is the case in any home or neighborhood.  Everyone has their own.  The biggest sewer line risk that you take if you don’t have the lateral inspection done before you buy a home is that it can be a very expensive repair once it’s too late.

If you are a ...

Curtis Park Architecture

Curtis Park ArchitectureLiving in Curtis Park, between Lawrence and Welton, Downing and Park Avenue, is almost like living in a suburb in the city.  It actually was Denver’s first “suburb”, and it is the city’s oldest surviving residential neighborhood.  The area was developed back in the 1860s and has Denver’s first public park, now called Mestizo-Curtis Park, at 31st and Curtis.

When Curtis Park came to be, the neighborhood attracted the uber wealthy along with middle-class workers, which resulted in a mix of mansions next to small houses and duplexes.  Curtis Park architecture ranges from Victorian, Queen Anne, Italianate, and Denver Square styles, among others.