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Brighton Boulevard Improvement Update

Brighton Boulevard Improvement Update

The Brighton Blvd improvement is part of Mayor Hancock’s, North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC). This initiative is part of the Corridor of Opportunity that the mayor has identified that stretches from Union Station to DIA.

Brighton Blvd improvement project has been implemented to transform Brighton Blvd from an industrial thoroughfare into an inviting gateway to and from Downtown Denver.

The project is in phase 2 of the planning process. The project is intended to accommodate multi-modal transportation, which includes; pedestrians, bikes, vehicles and trucks. The emphasis of the planning phase has been on the following key categories:

  • Safety – How do bikes and pedestrians interface with vehicles and trucks?
  • Differentiate between Bicyclist and Pedestrians – Dedicated and protected bike lanes are desired.
  • Sustainable streetscape – Street trees...

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