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What's the Best Park in Denver?

Denver's Best ParksMost of those who live anywhere in Denver are lucky enough to live within walking distance of at least one park. Because Coloradoans love their outdoor time, most neighborhoods have originated around a park and have even been named after one. To list just a few, we have Curtis Park, Congress Park, Cherry Creek Park, and Highland Park. Each has its own unique vibe and feel. But when looking for a home near Denver parks, how do you know which one is the best park in Denver?

In our humble opinion, it comes down to three parks, arguably the most popular ones. Each helps to characterize Denver, while still maintaining its own personality. But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Some claim that City Park is the best park in Denver. It undoubtedly has the most things to do. Where else can you visit a city zoo, natural history museum, numerous lakes, a boathouse, and a golf course, all in the same park? Located in east-central Denver, this is Listing in City Parkthe city’s largest park. From almost anywhere in its 330 acres, one has views of downtown, the mountains, or both. It is also the starting and finishing points for dozens of races, including the Denver Marathon, home to a series of summer concerts, and contains brightly colored fountains. Homes near City Park range in...

When to Begin Looking for a New Home

When to Begin Looking for a New Home

Begin looking for a new homeIf you researched this very topic, you are bound to find an endless supply of answers, all seemingly contradicting each other. The truth is, there is no right answer as to when to begin that new home search. But there are some smart practices and tips to keep in mind when you finally decide that it is time to move. We are here to help you figure that out.

Looking for a new home can be daunting and difficult, with numerous options and the stress of finding the house you love before someone else does. Many real estate professionals will tell you that spring or fall offer the best chance at finding the best new home. In the fall, people are rushing to list their home in the hopes that it will sell before the holiday slow-down, when people are focusing on the holidays and not on looking for a new home. Most buyers also want to be settled before the dark days of winter. The spring offers more options as most sellers list in the spring as that is traditionally the time of year when the most buyers are active. The spring is also an active time for buyers with children as it is desirable to make a move in the summer before a new school year starts in the fall.

Based on the fact that listing inventory tends to spike in the spring and fall, there are more options for those looking for a new home. During these months it seems that there are hundreds of new houses listed each day. But with these benefits comes some drawbacks. More homes for sale means more buyers are looking at this time too, which means more competition and the potential for bidding wars.


Explaining the Good Faith Estimate

Explaining the Good Faith Estimate

Good Faith Estimate ComparisonAs many homebuyers will agree, shopping for a loan can be a confusing and stressful ordeal. There are numerous lenders and companies to choose from, lots of questions to answer forms to fill out. But rest assured, you do not have to be a financial wizard to figure it out. Lenders are now required to provide any loan applicant with a good faith estimate, a useful little worksheet designed to clarify the process.

A good faith estimate is an itemized list of fees and costs that are associated with a loan. Basically, this estimate will tell the applicant how much they will need to pay in fees at closing. This information is good to know as the fees at closing can amount to roughly 3-5% of the sales price. And when applying for the loan, lenders are required to provide a good faith estimate within three business days of the application, in order to allow the applicant to shop around.

When shopping for a loan, it is important to do just that-shop around. A lending best practice is to compare costs between lenders, and a good faith estimate is vital to this process. There are many types of fees that are associated with a closing: lender-controlled, third party, and government. A good faith estimate will help you visualize how the fees fluctuate from lender to lender. The lender-controlled fees are the primary costs that will change between companies. Third-party fees, like those from attorneys or a title office, generally stay the same, but can change. And then government fees will not change. But a good faith estimate, from any lender, will break these fees down for the applicant and give them a good guess as to closing costs....

The Kentwood Company Amazing 2012

The Kentwood Company had an Amazing 2012

Kentwood Companies LogoAs the media is not shy from stating, the Denver real estate market has shown solid and confident signs of recovering. From the past year, the average sales price is up an astonishing 9% and the inventory for homes is at a record low. Currently, homes are for sale, on average, for three months, which means that our recovering real estate market is definitely a seller’s market. And leading the way in this boost to the Denver real estate market is the Kentwood Company, who wrapped up a record year in 2012 and is up for numerous nation-wide awards in the real estate industry.

The Kentwood Company was started in 1981 as a single office and has since grown into three, individually successful offices: Kentwood Cherry Creek, Kentwood DTC, and Kentwood City Properties. Combined, these three offices have created the most successful Denver real estate market company, holding roughly 10.3% of the market share, more than any other company. In 2012, the Kentwood Company’s sales volume increased 55.5% from the year before, while the number of transactions among the company was up 38.7%. This means that no one sells more than the Kentwood Company!

What's My Home WorthThe Kentwood Company has taken advantage of the recovering real estate market as statistics show that the Denver real estate market is one of...

National Economic & Financial Market Update

2013 National Economic & Financial Market Update   

Looking to the futureI had the distinct pleasure of attending the Downtown Denver Partnership’s forum which featured Jim Paulsen’s 2013 Economic and Financial Market Outlook. Jim Paulsen has been named a Top Economic Forecaster by BusinessWeek and has twice been named Interest Rate Forecaster Of The Year by BondWeek. He is a regular contributor on CNBC and Bloomberg and is currently the Chief Investment Strategist at Wells Capitol Management.

If you have never seen Jim Paulsen speak, he is very dynamic and supports all his predictions with straightforward market data condensed down to show trends over the last 50 years.

The meat of his outlook centered around a concept he coined as “The Gear Year”.

The Gear Year is the year following a recession where growth returns to the economy. Prior to the 1980’s when an economy moved out of recession, confidence returned quickly followed by immediate job creation. That trend has slowed considerably since the mid 1980’s. What we see today - as our economy moves out of recession it takes 4 years for confidence to result in job creation. The 4th year is “The Gear Year”. Jim predicts that 2013 is the US economic Gear Year. Every economic recovery since the ‘80s has shown this trend and has resulted in a slow starting and long lasting recovery. Jim’s predictions are for a 10 year recovery period with a growth rate around 3%, hinged upon inflation.

Delayed and sustainable economic recovery predictions were backed...

Central Park’s Diverse Architectural Styles

Stapleton’s Diverse Architectural Styles

Central Park Architectural StylesWho would have thought that the deserted site of an old airport would turn into one of Colorado’s most progressive and stylistic neighborhoods? And ten years after ground first broke, Central Park has emerged as just that. Living in Central Park offers residents an exceptional living experience from urban townhouses to fashionable single-family homes, while still capitalizing on everything great Colorado has to offer. And each of the Central Park builders that have helped to colonize the neighborhood strives to bring their own unique touch to the homes they construct, creating an architecturally diverse atmosphere in Central Park.

Ever since the neighborhood first got started in 2002, Central Park architecture has always been a prime example of tasteful design and innovative practices. There are homes styles that are inspired by colonial America, Tuscan countryside, or Manhattan living. There are homes for people who desire a traditional, classic look and homes for those seeking a modern and edgy lifestyle. Central Park home styles are as diverse and engaging as the people who live in them.

But Central Park architecture is not just limited to styles. There are hundreds of size options for residents, creating a neighborhood perfect for any buyer. Around the main commercial district are sleek, trendy town homes by ...

True Food Kitchen Comes to Cherry Creek


True Food Kitchen Comes to Cherry Creek

True Food Kitchen Cherry CreekThe Fox Restaurant Concepts eatery, True Food Kitchen, has finally branched out from its Arizona and California monopoly and settled down in Denver’s culinary haven, Cherry Creek. Motivated by holistic health specialist, Dr. Andrew Weil, True Food Kitchen’s menu is all about combining modern culinary trends with healthy living, and not sacrificing great flavor in the process. With this addition to the food world, eating out in Denver just got a whole lot more delicious.

Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC) began as a single restaurant in Tucson in 1998. It has since grown into 12 different restaurant names across the United States, including the already Cherry Creek established, North Modern Italian Cuisine. As one of Denver’s hot new spots, True Food Kitchen is riding the trend of healthy eating that tastes fabulous and leaves its customers feeling even better.

Cherry Creek's True Food KitchenInspired by cuisines throughout the world, True Food Kitchen’s menu offers a wide variety of delicious eats, from their popular Tuscan kale salad to the Asian red chili shrimp, the street tacos to the butternut squash pizza. The lunch and dinner menus vary only slightly, but both offer a vast drink menu with local beers, both foreign and domestic wines, specialty cocktails, and the traditional Japanese sake. And for...

Central Park's New Neighborhood - Conservatory Green

Conservatory Green Overview

Central Park's newest neighborhood is called Conservatory Green. It will be located just to the north of the North Field mall and will contain 500 new homes.

Forest City continues to innovate Central Park into one of the most masterfully planned communities of all time. The new Conservatory Green neighborhood will take its cues from the topography of the land it is built on. The traditional Denver grid street system is being “relaxed” to allow for a more natural flow of street layout. This design will translate into a more interesting layout of homes, moving away from the traditional straight line of home construction so predominant in Denver.

All new architectural plans have been announced by various builders that include:

Union Station Redevelopment Update

Union Station Redevelopment Update

Denver's Union Station RenderingIt is the beginning of the end for the Union Station redevelopment as the station is now closed to the public for the final stages of its transformation. If you did not get a chance to visit the inside before its closure, you will not be able to until 2014, when the station’s front doors are reopened to showcase its modern makeover. But the exterior projects have enough going on to captivate anyone’s interest.

The Denver train station redevelopment project has numerous parts that will make the Union Station district almost unrecognizable. Construction has begun on new apartment buildings on the north side of the station while the underground bus terminals show signs of nearing completion. And there are dozens of new projects to look forward to after the Union Station redevelopment is completed.

A new, 280,000 square foot office building, named 1601 Wewatta, is proposed for the Union Station district, near the Riverfront area. This 10-story building will be taking full advantage of Denver’s hottest market, as this entire project promises to revolutionize LoDo development. The new office building will share the lot with the new 13-story residential project, Cadence. Construction on this project is up to five floors and is rising at a rate of about a floor per week. With the Union Station redevelopment in full swing, it seems that buildings are springing up overnight.

Search Homes...

Architecture housing styles in Washington Park

Washington Park ArchitectureArchitectural Styles of Washington Park

Washington Park, or Wash Park for short, is one of Denver’s most preeminent and prestigious neighborhoods, located on the famous 165-acre park it is named after. The lengthy running trails, crystal blue waters, and tree-lined streets offer numerous benefits for those who enjoy living in Wash Park. But this area also offers characteristics that set it apart from Denver’s other neighborhoods.

Wash Park architecture is a diverse and eclectic mix of styles, all of which maintain a high standard of beauty. Wash Park home styles range from International to Denver Square, Neoclassical to Victorian-era. But the primary style of Wash Park architecture is the bungalow. Sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, these homes can be spotted by their defining characteristics: low-slung style and charming verandahs. Many people spend lazy summer evenings on their verandahs, enjoying the breathtaking views and laid-back Wash Park atmosphere.

Bungalow Examples

What makes Wash Park architecture so charming is the sense of community it creates. The majority of Wash Park home styles incorporate a front porch or yard, an established place for residents to sit, chat, and get to know each other. Many homes maintain the classic finishes and historic look on the outside, but exhibit a range of modern updates and renovations on the interior. Bungalows may seem...

2012 Denver Real Estate - Market Performance

Positive news for Denver's real estate market

2012 Denver Real Estate - Market Performance

As 2012 comes to an end it’s hard to find any good news on the economy. With the fiscal cliff solution receiving a Band-Aid and punted down the road another 2 months and continued high unemployment where can you turn for a glimmer of positivity? The answer is the Denver real estate market. With continued low inventory levels the appetite for homes keeps picking up resulting in very strong year-over-year market statistics.

Market stats are for the entire Denver MLS.

Highlights for the residential market:

  • 11.2% increase in avg price - sold ($206,773)
  • 27.3% decrease in avg days on market (72)
  • 20.5% increase in the number of closed sales year-over-year (2,975)

Highlights for the condo market:

  • 29.0% increase in avg price - sold ($198,080)
  • 39.0% decrease in avg days on market (64)

Denver Real Estate Market Stats

Denver Real Estate Market Stats

Will this strength continue? It is my opinion that is will. Here’s why:

  • Denver’s...