How to Select a Denver Home Builder

Finding the ideal home builder is an absolute must if you are considering building a custom home from scratch. As you decide on a contractor, following a few key steps will ensure a speedy process that ultimately results in you getting your dream home.

Here is a simple plan to follow to ensure you find a builder who will be responsive to your needs and wishes and be able to execute a custom plan.

Find a Good Agent

Your search for a contractor should begin with finding a real estate agent. As Denver’s new construction experts, the Neir Team can help you through the process of building a custom home from scratch. We know where the best new developments are popping up and have experience dealing with many of the builders you should consider. Seek our local real estate expertise before locking down a contractor.

Know Exactly What You Need

To find the ideal builder, you need to know exactly what it is you desire. Some contractors may specialize in a certain size, type or price range. With some specifics in mind, you’ll find it easier to locate a home builder suited to your needs.

Look for Experienced Builders

Experience is something you definitely shouldn't overlook. The builder's ability to deal with unexpected obstacles will determine the outcome of your new construction. According to a Denver Roofing contractor from Pinnacle Roofing Solutions, experience often makes the difference between a successful new home construction and a mess. "Don't settle for someone who has minimal or no professional history. The risks aren't worth the relatively small savings you might find."

Ask for References

Knowing the satisfaction levels of past customers is a great way to get a forecast of what you'll receive. Ask for references and then make sure to contact them. You also could ask to tour a previously completed home to get a real look at what the builder can accomplish.

Verify the License of the Builder

Never hire a home builder without first knowing that he is licensed to work in Colorado. You can use online portals to check the license number.

What is the Resale Value?

Find out the resale values of the homes the builder has developed in the past. This will speak on the quality and the potential resale value of your home. 

Has the Builder Worked on Similar Projects?

Again, experience is everything. Go over the specific features you have in mind and inquire as to whether or not the builder has experience with them. They may even provide you with some incredible suggestions and alternatives.

Peace of Mind

Quality warranties ensure that you'll have peace of mind for years to come. They also show how confident a builder is in the materials he uses. You deserve to know exactly what you'll receive for the price you pay.

Building a custom home from scratch is a big undertaking. If you want to start the process out the right way, start by contacting the Neir Team. Our knowledge of Denver real estate will provide you with key insights into the new home market.

For more information on new home construction planning and building from a Denver contractor, check out Division One Construction.


#1 By Julie Myers at 4/9/2015 0:39 PM

Trying to select a good builder can be really difficult, because I want to be sure that I hire someone that is really good at building and can do my project well. It sounds like it would be really good for me to get a real estate agent to help me find a good contractor. Then I can get some help finding someone that would be really good at helping me build my dream home. Thanks for the great post!

#2 By Alex Neir at 4/9/2015 1:16 PM

Juile, Thanks for the comment. I have a good recommendation if you need one. Give me a call or shoot me and email.

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