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While we only have a few days left working from home in Colorado, you may have been thinking of ways to improve your home office for future use and design! Here are just a few of our easiest tips and tricks to help make your workspace a fun-space too!

home office decor

Add any low maintenance plant or greenery to your desk, side table or cabinet shelf. We personally love orchids, succulents, a snake plant or a fiddle leaf fig tree just to name a few.

home office plant

Try to remove any unnecessary items from the top of your desk. It’s easy to let that area get cluttered with dozens of pens, many photos in frames, office supplies, etc. To combat this constant issue, create a pen holder cup from anything in the kitchen cabinet such as a mason jar or a stein that brings back fun memories. If you like to keep pictures or other display items on your desk, hang them on the wall instead. This will leave your desk space for only work-related items. And finally, invest in a file cabinet or file folders. Although this sounds extremely basic, believe it or not, many people do not have their own pencil cup holders or file cabinets in their homes!

home office files

Treat yourself (and your productivity) and purchase a new lamp that catches your eye and acts a statement piece or bring some awareness to the natural light possibilities in the room. This can be done by installing new window treatments to dress up the windows or moving your desk to the window to be able to look outside more easily to enjoy the view.

home office lamp

If you’re starting to feel like the space is too small and the walls are caving in on you, add a decorative mirror to one of the walls to give the illusion that the room is larger than it is! Or if your walls are needing an interesting piece of art to get the brain going, don’t be afraid of investing in a large piece of art on canvas to draw attention and boost creativity.

home office mirror

Reconsider your seating situation. Your office chair could likely be very old and unsupportive, doesn’t match the decor and sticks out like a sore thumb, or maybe you don’t want a chair at all anymore and would like to transition to working from a standing desk completely. 

home office chair

While stuck at home, we hope these few ideas encourage you to redesign and rethink your home office space to make working from home more enjoyable, relaxing and productive. 


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#2 By David smith at 5/24/2021 4:06 AM

Really amazing blog to read thanks for share..

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their is an good desine ,style and colours

#4 By Saab Lee at 6/27/2021 0:08 AM

I am currently re-decorating my home office space and figured out putting plants inside my workspace. hey say that when you're stressed out, just take a break and look at something green to cool down the eye sore from facing the screen. I also shifted to a standing desk. I made a separate office space outside of my bedroom so I won't be tempted to sleep lol

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