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The Denver real estate market is scorching hot right now. My opinion on why this is happening is outlined in this article: Why hasn't COVID 19 slowed the Denver Real Estate Market? With a market this hot, as an owner/seller you might tell yourself - buyers will love my home regardless! While this certainly may be true, some strategic upgrades can increase your odds while creating a tidal wave of joy for yourself.

I often see sellers really start considering improvements right around the time they go to sell. This is {nuts emoji}. What if I could convince you that some simple upgrades could spark joy in your life! A tangible joy that will lift our mood every day. Wouldn’t it be worth doing that now instead of at sale time? If you are still with me, I’m glad you agree and here are some suggestions.

Let's start in the bathroom(s). A room you are in every day regardless of your schedule. A simple upgrade here will, absolutely, spark joy in your life. Start with a deep clean. Go through everything and throughout all the {poop emoji} that has accumulated. 

Next, let's add some organization. Go to Target or the Container Store and grab some drawer organizers. Give yourself dedicated areas for smaller things, like hair products and jewelry. In the cabinets, upgrade to roll-out shelving or decor appropriate baskets for easy access to commonly used items.

Creative bathroom ideas

Now, get some storage on the walls. A cabinet over the toilet is an easy add. Otherwise, get creative and use a bar set up, shown here. Replace the “bar” items with bathroom towels, Q-Tips, cotton balls, etc....you get the picture. Items you use on a regular basis that can make your mornings easier, while at the same time making your space feel more customized. This upgrade will also increase your overall home value. Let the the joy begin! 

Next, let's get into the laundry room. This is often a super overlooked space. Rarely is this room included on the house tour I get invited on every time I visit someone's home. Some joy can be injected here. Start with a deep clean. Throughout all the {poop emoji} that has accumulated here as well. This may require a construction size trash sack. Dump all the single socks and the cloth you forget were in there. 

Laundry upgrades

If you have cabinets, roll-out shelves are a dream.  Additionally, add an assortment of open shelves to store commonly used items. Spice it up with some wallpaper and pictures. A great example is shown here. I’m feeling significantly more joy stepping into picture B.

Up next is the basement or attic space. In Colorado, we have more basements than attics so let’s focus there. This is the primary dumping ground for most of us if the basement isn’t finished. This space can be a total joy suck! So, depending on how long it's been, it can be an overwhelming project. Break it down into quadrants and soon enough, joy will reign down.

Basement organization ideas

The easiest and cleanest upgrades are shelves and bins. Get yourself a nice label maker and go to town! Investing in the basement adds functionality, while you determine if finishing the space is right for you. Basement remodels are the best way to significantly increase the equity in your home.

Now let's visit the closets. The dreaded closet. We all have way too many pieces of cloths that never get worn. Not to mention, hats, shoes, belts, ties, etc. A complete sort and donate is appropriate, almost yearly. 

Once that task is complete its time to get organized. Designate a separate space for each type of clothing. Shelves for sweaters and jeans. Belt racks, hat hooks, shoe shelves, purse perch, and anything else in there that needs a dedicated home. Taking the time in here is another huge joy 

Closet organization Ideas

infusion on your day to day life. This is another space that investment can pay-off huge upon the sale of the home. So, if you have it in the budget it’s worth a pro-remodel as you’ll get most of the investment back!

Last, let's get in to the garage. This is another area that is prone to clutter buildup. Colorado is a recreation paradise and with that comes the gear needed to enjoy it all. Let's start with the bikes. I prefer the pulley style that attaches to the ceiling. Ski and snowboard management is another must and can be implemented with a simple dowel system.  Camping gear is another huge storage ask, depending on your level of commitment to sleeping under the stars. Let’s not forget the tool bench. The garage build-out can only be called complete

Garage organizationwith the addition of a proper work station. All of these upgrades will induce an uncontrollable and overwhelming sense of utter joy every day upon entering the garage it will have you wondering what took you so long.

Well, that’s it, some small investments in upgrades can completely boost your quality of life by adding joy to rooms that were downers. Additionally, the investment in these upgrades can double or even triple your invested dollars upon sale time. If you are interested in other low-cost high yield projects, check out: Add Value To Your Home With These 9 DIY Improvements. Additionally, Urban Renovators chimes in on this topic with some easy and practical ideas.

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