Central Park’s Diverse Architectural Styles

Stapleton’s Diverse Architectural Styles

Central Park Architectural StylesWho would have thought that the deserted site of an old airport would turn into one of Colorado’s most progressive and stylistic neighborhoods? And ten years after ground first broke, Central Park has emerged as just that. Living in Central Park offers residents an exceptional living experience from urban townhouses to fashionable single-family homes, while still capitalizing on everything great Colorado has to offer. And each of the Central Park builders that have helped to colonize the neighborhood strives to bring their own unique touch to the homes they construct, creating an architecturally diverse atmosphere in Central Park.

Ever since the neighborhood first got started in 2002, Central Park architecture has always been a prime example of tasteful design and innovative practices. There are homes styles that are inspired by colonial America, Tuscan countryside, or Manhattan living. There are homes for people who desire a traditional, classic look and homes for those seeking a modern and edgy lifestyle. Central Park home styles are as diverse and engaging as the people who live in them.

But Central Park architecture is not just limited to styles. There are hundreds of size options for residents, creating a neighborhood perfect for any buyer. Around the main commercial district are sleek, trendy town homes by Wonderland, while further east; there are gorgeous, sprawling, single-family homes by Infinity, Parkwood and Harvard Homes. Central Park architecture is accentuated by tree-lined streets and vast parks that make living in Central Park ideal for any Colorado-lover.

Search Homes for Sale in Central ParkWhat every Central Park home style offers is the opportunity to live better. Almost every builder creates homes that are Energy Star certified and energy efficient, while some even go as far as installing solar panels. Central Park’s newest housing area, Conservatory Green, will showcase everything Central Park architecture strives for; modern finishes, energy efficient ratings, and views to an open, green space. These Central Park home styles are cutting edge and creative, but still maintain the original and charming character that the founders wanted to bring to the Denver metro area over ten years ago.

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