Denver's Union Station

Union Station and Lodo Neighborhoods Redevelopment Update

What’s been going on at the site and in the area of the new Union Station development since the beginning of the year you ask?  Lots and lots of future housing!  Six different projects to be exact!  Here they are in order from what is going to be completed first to what will be finished by mid-next year.

Cadance at Union Station

Image courtesy of Cadence


Cadence is the first high-rise apartment building in the new Union Station redevelopment field.  It is a 13-story apartment tower with 220 units that is leading the charge of truly transforming the Union Station neighborhood.  It has a very unique design, with a facade that differs in both shape and color between both ends and has multiple setbacks throughout the length of the building.  The 17th Street Gardens are just to the north providing a great public space and a clear path to get through the Union Station neighborhood.  At street level, Cadence has a very inviting main entrance with great ground floor retail presence.  It address is 1920 17th Street.

The Platform Union Station

Picture courtesy of DenverInFill

The Platform

Across the street from Cadence will be another high-rise...

RTD’s East Rail Line to DIA Showing Signs of Progress

Westin Hotel at DIAWhen Union Station’s monumental renovation and revitalization is complete in the coming years, the citizens of Denver will have a lot to look forward to. The whole area will be alive with activity, new ventures, and limitless possibilities for the city. But what many people are looking forward to more than the revamping of this Denver icon is the installation of the DIA Light Rail. This mega-transportation project will not only ease traveling headaches along I-70, but it will also make the entire trek a breeze.

The Denver East Rail Line is currently under construction and will have stations along the route from DIA to Union Station. The advantages of this DIA Light Rail line are endless, but include swift transportation to the airport and back, the money saved from the ever-rising parking prices at DIA, and the satisfaction of breezing past traffic. Positioned at the end of the line at DIA is the new South Terminal Transit Center which will include 3 components: a new 500-room Westin Hotel, a larger extension to the existing Jeppesen Terminal and the East Line Transit Center for RTD.

More pictures of the East Line Transit Center at DIA

In a recent update from RTD, the Denver East Rail line has caught the eyes of Google, literally. In an updated Google Maps satellite view from October 2012, the rail line bridge construction and alignment grading is perfectly visible along the entire...

Union Station Redevelopment Update

Union Station Redevelopment Update

Denver's Union Station RenderingIt is the beginning of the end for the Union Station redevelopment as the station is now closed to the public for the final stages of its transformation. If you did not get a chance to visit the inside before its closure, you will not be able to until 2014, when the station’s front doors are reopened to showcase its modern makeover. But the exterior projects have enough going on to captivate anyone’s interest.

The Denver train station redevelopment project has numerous parts that will make the Union Station district almost unrecognizable. Construction has begun on new apartment buildings on the north side of the station while the underground bus terminals show signs of nearing completion. And there are dozens of new projects to look forward to after the Union Station redevelopment is completed.

A new, 280,000 square foot office building, named 1601 Wewatta, is proposed for the Union Station district, near the Riverfront area. This 10-story building will be taking full advantage of Denver’s hottest market, as this entire project promises to revolutionize LoDo development. The new office building will share the lot with the new 13-story residential project, Cadence. Construction on this project is up to five floors and is rising at a rate of about a floor per week. With the Union Station redevelopment in full swing, it seems that buildings are springing up overnight.

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Massive Real Estate Growth Likely as Denver Colorado Comes of Age.

Massive Real Estate Growth Likely as Denver Colorado Comes of Age.

I feel an overwhelming sense of pride as I look at how this great city of Denver will evolve over the next 7 years. I am a native Coloradian having grown up in Congress Park and then Parker, Colorado. Having lived in Colorado my whole life I have seen the city grow from a small little cow town into the beginnings of truly metropolitan city. I remember a time when it would snow on Friday and you could get up on a Saturday, hop in the car at 8:00 and be in Vail at 9:30. I remember the very limited number of restaurants that were semi-good if you choose to eat out. I remember when all interstate highways in the city were 2 lanes. I remember the home I grew up in, in Congress Park, selling for $510,000 when originally purchased for $70,000 indicating massive real estate growth in only 30 years . I have watched Coors Field transform the dilapidated area of lower downtown into the thriving central urban neighborhood called LoDo. I have seen the redevelopment of Riverfront Park and a pedestrian bridge over I-25 transform a sleepy neighborhood of lower Highlands into bustling community.

Regardless if you have lived in Denver a long time or are new to the city there is evidence abound indicating growth and vitality……..and this is only the beginning.

Over the course of the next 7 years two projects will fuel massive real estate growth of the Denver...