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CLIENT NAMEGayle Lalich & Peter Simons 1650 Fillmore St., Unit 507, Denver, CO, 80206 & 1275 Monroe St, Denver, CO, 80206

Alex was very professional in our dealings with him, always being timely, following through on what he promised and offering sound advice.  Also, he always quickly responded to any questions we sent him via text, email or voicemail, even when he was on vacation with his family.

We will refer all our friends and family needing assistance from a realtor to Alex.  Based on our previous experience with realtors, Alex is exceptional in terms of professionalism, timeliness, and personality.

CLIENT NAMEZach Maxwell & Sally Swallow, 3727 Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80211

The biggest fear when working with a real estate agent is that they won’t have your best interests at heart and that the desire to make a commission will trump looking out for the best interests of their client. Not so will Alex Neir. Alex completely understood what a big decision buying our first home was to us and helped us feel safe and taken care of. When we had concerns about the property Alex echoed his own concerns as well and even encouraged us to possibly walk away from the property unless all our concerns would be addressed and fixed. Luckily, all our concerns were addressed and we moved into our dream home, but just knowing that Alex was putting our own best interest before his desire to make a commission, as well as his professionalism and vast knowledge of the real estate market in Denver CO would have me recommend him to ANYBODY looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks Alex!   Read More...

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CLIENT NAME: Randy Rasmussen, 3236 Clay St, 2330 Clay St & 2647 West 23rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

The Neir Team's professionalism and their positive upbeat personality was the best thing about woring with them. Alex and Stacy represented us faithfully throughout the process of selling our properties, worked hard to get us the best offer on favorable terms and fought to keep our contract intact through a lengthy closing period.

Alex and Stacy Neir were the best. Even our properties’ buyers praised their work on our behalf. Thank you, Alex and Stacy!

CLIENT NAMENick Florek, 2326 Decatur Street # 4, Denver, CO 80211

Alex Neir was there from day 1.  He spent a few days going over ideas of where to live, provided me an excellent website to search areas and drove me to all locations to get a good feel.    When we decided on an area, we located a building site and we walked it thoroughly.  He discussed benefits of particular area, including the importance of southern exposures, views, proximity to local businesses, transportation options, local landmarks, etc.  He explained the surrounding neighborhoods, with detail about appreciation, resale values and current market values.  Without a doubt, the most knowledgeable real estate broker in Denver.  His constant updates on the project and reminders of when to apply for loans, etc. kept me at ease throughout the entire process.   Read More...

CLIENT NAMEKen Jensen and Dean Kramer, 8894 Martin Luther King Blvd, Denver, CO, 80238

My first impression of Alex was when he visited my historic 1906 Denver Square in central Denver. Instead of focusing on problems that can be expected in any 100-year-old home, Alex highlighted the positives of classic architecture, good maintenance, important updates, and a great neighborhood. Alex proposed a listing price that made sense based on good comps and knowledge of the area. He sold my home in 2 days and facilitated a smooth, trouble free closing. I was very pleased.  Read More...

CLIENT NAMEAdam & Alissa Lozinski, 8052 E 49th Place, Denver, CO, 80238

Alex was a total professional but also related on a personal level so it didn't feel like simply a business transaction. I'm so glad my frined Sloan Macy recommended Alex; We had a great experience. Who else would get up at 5:00 AM to ensure we that we could have the first pick on any KB lot in all of Conservatory Green? It was Alex's idea to look at KB and now we are in a far better home than we even dared hope for, and on the perfect lot too.