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Brighton Boulevard Improvement Update

Brighton Boulevard Improvement Update

The Brighton Blvd improvement is part of Mayor Hancock’s, North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC). This initiative is part of the Corridor of Opportunity that the mayor has identified that stretches from Union Station to DIA.

Brighton Blvd improvement project has been implemented to transform Brighton Blvd from an industrial thoroughfare into an inviting gateway to and from Downtown Denver.

The project is in phase 2 of the planning process. The project is intended to accommodate multi-modal transportation, which includes; pedestrians, bikes, vehicles and trucks. The emphasis of the planning phase has been on the following key categories:

  • Safety – How do bikes and pedestrians interface with vehicles and trucks?
  • Differentiate between Bicyclist and Pedestrians – Dedicated and protected bike lanes are desired.
  • Sustainable streetscape – Street trees are highly desirable to reduce the heat impact of an urban environment and improve aesthetics.
  • Arts district identify – Brighton Blvd serves as the spine of the River North (Rino) Neighborhood and as such should be reflective of the character of the neighborhood.
  • Phased implementation – Improvement shall be completed in a block-by-block, property-by-property or character-area-by-character area fashion.

The project vision has been identified as:

  • Include all modes of transportation while accommodating amenity zones, landscape elements and art.
  • Phase 1 implementation within the existing right-of-way.
  • Include an ultimate vision that allows for redevelopment to implement the final vision.

Brighton Blvd Improvement Flyover

Flyover courtesy of www.denvergov.org/NDCC

4 character zones have been identified, each with a different design plan.

Brighton Blvd Character Zones

Main Street Zone – Streetscape design priority on placemaking, side-walk activity, and pedestrian connectivity

  • Diversity of mixed-use and industrial users
  • Celebrate the character of River North (Rino)
  • Stimulate activity
  • Ensure pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Muilt-modal transportation
  • On-street parking
  • Slower speeds

Education, Industry & Development Zone - Streetscape balances placemaking and multi-modal transportation needs. The character of the streetscape will create a 'front-door' for future education and industrial development.

  • Encourage multi-modal transportation
  • Enable a diversity of mixed-use
  • Celebrate the character of River North (Rino)
  • Ensure pedestrians safety
  • Limited traffic signals

National Western Center Zone - Streetscape priority on placemaking as this zone will be the 'front-door' to the National Western Center and an entertainment destination.

  • Stimulate activity on the street
  • Accommodate large events
  • Ensure pedestrian safety
  • Encourage multi-modal transportation
  • Implement safe connections to National Western light rail station
  • Provide on-street parking and drop-off zones
  • Wider sidewalks
  • Slower speeds

Northern Zone – Streetscape design creates a consistent welcoming frontage for existing uses.

  • Encourage multi-modal transportation
  • Encourage pedestrian safety
  • On street parking
  • Limited traffic signals

All information courtesy of www.denvergov.org

Homes for sale in the River North Neighborhood of Denver


Tips for Selling a Home in Denver or Any Competitive Market

Even with demand for real estate reaching all time highs, selling a home in Denver still comes with plenty of challenges. In a highly competitive market like this one, decisions have to be made quickly and mistakes can be more costly.


Whatever you decide to do, following a clear strategy is a must when marketing your home against stiff competition. Here are some tips to he


Work With a Professional to Choose a Price


Price is always a huge factor, but it becomes especially important in a competitive market. It's often the first thing home buyers look at when browsing home listings. Therefore, it's easy to see why choosing a price point can be the most difficult decision sellers have to make. This is why you need a real estate agent capable of looking at deeper market trends to help you maximize every penny of potential value without scaring away potential buyers.


For help on setting the best possible price, Check out our page on pricing your home, use our free market analysis tool, or contact us today for a one-on-one discussion of your property and your financial goals.


Make Your Home Distinctive


Home buyers see many homes during their shopping experience. The ones they are most likely to remember – and ultimately bid on -- are the ones that were somehow able to make a deep first impression.


There are a number of ways you can strategically improve your home so it can stand out and leave a lasting impression. Some sellers opt to repaint interiors in eye-catching colors that have wide appeal, some upgrade fixtures throughout the house and others invest in renovations or additions. Focusing on exteriors – landscaping, front door, windows and much more -- is also wise because these factors play such a big role in establishing the curb appeal of your property.


Thinking like a buyer, or seeking advice from a buyer’s and seller’s agent, will help you make the right strategic upgrades that will allow your home to stand out on the market.


Visuals Are Important


All of your marketing materials online and offline should contain visuals of your home. Arranging for professional photography of interiors and exteriors will give buyers more trust in your property and give you a leg up on the competition.


Open House Appeal


You can offer buyers a full experience and make your home stand out by appealing to all five of their senses during an open house. Making small inexpensive improvements, such as upgrading lighting, and adding in smell-goods, such as air fresheners and flowers, will make your open house an event that sticks in the minds of buyers as they continue their property search.


Find the Best Denver Real Estate Agent


The tips in this article will help you put your property in position to benefit from the competitive market out there, but the biggest advantage you can give yourself is finding the best Denver real estate agent.


For advice on selling a home in Denver, call The Neir Team at 720.280.3004 or 720.935.4399 today and talk with the local residential real estate experts!


Stapleton Denver Real Estate Gets More Commuter-Friendly

The Stapleton neighborhood of Denver has an assortment of advantages that have made it one of the hotbeds of local real estate in recent years. Architectural variety, eco-friendly lifestyles, great shopping, copious public green spaces -- Stapleton Denver real estate offers it all!


Starting in the spring of 2016, Denver’s premier northeast neighborhood will offer another great benefit to homebuyers: commuter-friendliness.


In October, the Regional Transportation Department (RTD) and Denver Transit Partners were on hand to officially unveil the Central Park Station Park-n-Ride at 8200 Smith Rd. in Stapleton. The event was a big milestone in the journey toward the opening of the East Rail Line that will connect downtown Denver’s Union Station and Denver International Airport, stopping at Central Park Station along the way, beginning in April of 2016.


Commuters will be one obvious beneficiary of the new rail line, but the impact is expected to be wide ranging. At the Park-n-Ride opening event, RTD officials predicted the following benefits for the Stapleton area starting next spring:


  • Reduced transportation costs for residents
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • More support for local shops and restaurants from people outside the neighborhood
  • Greater economic development
  • Lowered environmental emissions


Already the nation’s largest urban development, the opening of the East Rail Line should only help spur more growth and create greater demand for Stapleton homes. The neighborhood's population is expected to top the 30,000 mark by 2017.


Talk to the Stapleton Denver Real Estate Experts!


Stacy and Alex Neir -- The Neir Team -- live and work in Stapleton. No one knows local real estate better!


If you are interested in finding out more about what this neighborhood has to offer, take some time to explore the section of our website dedicated to Stapleton Denver neighborhood info.


To start your real estate search, visit our list of Stapleton Denver homes for sale and contact the Neir Team for more information.


Call Stacy Neir at 720.280.3004 or call Alex Neir at 720.935.4399 today!


LoDo Denver Homes -- Neighborhood Profile

For more than 20 years, lower downtown, or LoDo, has been slowly restored and revamped, transforming it into what it is today – one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Denver.


LoDo has an exceptional concentration of Victorian and turn-of-the-century buildings, but it is also characterized by brewpubs, coffeehouses, restaurants and the home of the Colorado Rockies -- Coors Field. It’s an excellent location for creative, tech-friendly types, with its abundance of Internet design firms, graphic design studios, art galleries and advertising agencies.


LoDo could be considered to be the fashion capital of Denver, with its 18 boutiques and shops that sell over 200 fashion lines. It's the place to be for anyone who's looking for unique clothes, accessories and style. Thanks to all of the top restaurants and gastropubs, and the many chefs who call this neighborhood home, LoDo could also be called Denver’s food capital.


There’s also a bit of literary history associated with the area. My Brother's Bar, a former hangout for Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, is still popular with many LoDo residents. This and many other local spots fits in well with the neighborhood’s stylized and historic feel.


LoDo attractions include Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park, Downtown Aquarium, Children's Museum of Denver and Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. There's also plenty to do for those who enjoy being active. There's Confluence Park and Cherry Creek, which boasts pedestrian paths for avid runners and bikers and rushing waters for kayakers.


LoDo Denver Homes for Sale


While LoDo is primarily a commercial sector of Denver, there also are plenty of restored Victorian warehouse-lofts mixed in with the boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs. The major developments surrounding Union Station have added some new flair to LoDo Denver real estate listings lately.


Get the lowdown on LoDo real estate by contacting the Neir Team. Call Stacy Neir at 720.280.3004 or call Alex Neir at 720.935.4399 today!


If you have a favorite place to go or a favorite thing to do in LoDo, leave a comment and tell us about it!


Buy a Home in Denver to Avoid Rapidly Rising Rent

If you’ve been looking for reasons to buy a home in Denver, the rapidly rising rents in the area should be all the motivation you need.


Multiple reports all agree -- rent is on the rise in Mile High City. One recent report found Denver to have the fastest rising rent rate in the nation, and another found it to have the third fastest rate growth, topped only by Portland and San Francisco. The stats are clear – rent is bad and it’s only getting worse.


The Yardi Matrix report is the latest sign that local renters should be looking to buy. Due to available home mortgage deductions and the long-term sustaining value of local homes, buying would be an attractive option even if rent wasn’t getting so ridiculous.


The word around the industry is that it is very unlikely the Fed will raise interest rates in the near future. If mortgage rates remain low, that’s even more reason to switch from renting to buying.


More Reasons to Buy a Home in Denver


A recent program unveiled by Fannie Mae only requires a three percent down payment. Other lenders like Wells Fargo are also introducing new programs that have extended lock periods, which give home buyers protection from rising rates.


Local housing experts are predicting that home values will be higher a year from now, which means it’s better to act quickly.


If you are a first-time home buyer or a move-up home buyer looking to avoid the crazy rent situation, contact the Denver real estate experts at the Neir Team. Alex and Stacy Neir will help you find the right neighborhood and the right home for your needs.


Call 720.280.3004 or 720.935.4399 or visit our Denver CO real estate listings page today to get started on your property search.


How to Sell a Home in Denver as an Empty Nester

The kids have all moved on to college dorms, apartments, or their own homes and left you with an empty nest… now what? Should you stay in your home or sell it? It’s not an easy question to tackle.


Since your family home has likely been one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made, it’s understandable if you’re a little apprehensive about either selling or staying. If you’re approaching retirement or have already left the workforce, a big real estate decision like this one will feel even more stressful.


To ensure that you make the right choice for your financial circumstances, we recommend a four step process to determine what you should do with your home now that you’re an empty nester.


1) Assess Needs


If you built or bought your home when you had to make room for multiple children, you are going to find yourself with entirely too much house once they have moved out. That might not seem like a real problem at first, but consider all the extra time and money required to heat, cool, and maintain a family-size house and yard. It might be more than you’re willing to take on at this point in your life. If you’re going to be traveling a lot, that makes downsizing an even smarter solution.


At the same time, if you don’t feel like you have too much house and the market, your tax situation, the circumstances in your life, or a lack of inspiring housing alternatives suggests that it’s not a good time to sell, than it might be better to stand pat for now. Let the situation and your needs dictate your decision.


If you plan to stop working soon, it would be wise to talk with a financial advisor specializing in retirement financial planning in CO before you make a decision on your home.


2) Contact the Neir Team


Even if you have experience buying or selling a home, there are plenty of good reasons to reach out to a Denver real estate agent as an empty nest seller. The Neir Team can help you assess your situation and determine the true value of your home. If selling is the right move for you, we can assist in analyzing the market, setting the ideal list price, and finding your next home.


3) Get a Lender


Your financial outlook has changed since the last time you went home shopping. You could be willing to pay more on a mortgage, or you may want to cut back to leave room in the budget for travel and other expenses. Talk with a lender to hammer out a clear financing plan before you start shopping for a new house.


4) Find Your Next Dream Home


This time around you may be more interested in downsizing to a condo or townhouse, or upgrading to a custom home that has everything you want. You also might be looking for a different type of neighborhood. According to Minneapolis luxury home builders Erotas Building Corp, proximity to good schools doesn’t matter as much to empty nester home buyers as access to entertainment and the right type of amenities (pool, fireplace, etc.).

The Neir Team is here to help you make the right buying and selling decisions based on market conditions. Getting into the market as an empty nester doesn’t have to be stressful. Contact us today for help analyzing the market, setting a price, finding a new home, and more!


The Best Denver Neighborhood for Bicyclists

Bicycle commuters and everyday riders are growing in numbers throughout the Denver metro area. Unfortunately, not every neighborhood is as kind to their desire to turn to the pedals to avoid the cost and environmental impact of a car-free lifestyle.

If you live in Denver or are thinking about relocating here and relying on your bicycle for transportation, exercise, or plain old fun, you would be wise to do your research before settling down. When it comes to two wheel-friendly locations in the city, we think there is one clear choice.

The Best Denver Neighborhood for Bicyclists -- RiNo

Nestled right up against the Platte River Bike Path, it should come as no surprise that the River North (RiNo) neighborhood has developed a bike-friendly attitude from the beginning. As it has rapidly developed (it’s quickly becoming one of the trendiest parts of town), it has maintained its status as a bike commuter’s dream location.

Easy access to downtown Denver is very important to commuters of any stripe, but it’s non-negotiable for bikers. RiNo does an excellent job of pairing that proximity with just the right amount of space and access to youthful nightlife. Cyclists can explore large swaths of the neighborhood via the South Platte River Greenway Trail, and then stop in for a drink at one of 10 different winery, distillery, or brewery locations along the way.

It’s a very hip neighborhood with many of the features that young home buyers are looking for. It’s the best neighborhood for bicyclists, but it’s also much more than that.

If you are thinking about buying a home in a location that is bike-friendly, you must consider RiNo Denver real estate.

Call Stacy Neir at 720.280.3004 or Alex Neir at 720.935.4399 for hot tips on RiNo properties!


Stapleton Denver Neighborhood Profile

Roughly six miles to the east of downtown Denver sits one of the biggest urban redevelopment projects in the U.S. in the past quarter century: Stapleton.

When the airport moved east, local voters decided the old airport space should be transformed into a neighborhood. Today, even though most trees and homes in Stapleton are barely a decade old, it would be more accurate to call it a community than a neighborhood.

There are roughly 20,000 residents who call the 4,100-acre Stapleton home. It may not be the perfect for every type of home buyer -- yards are small, houses are close together, playgrounds and parks are busy and plentiful -- but with the booming population and consistently high level of interest in real estate in Stapleton, they are clearly doing something right on the northeast side of Denver.

From the beginning, the development was created with “New Urbanism” principles in mind. That meant public areas and eco-friendly homes would be top priorities. Quickly, the neighborhood began to attract on-the-go families who loved the focus on green living and building a naturally communal atmosphere.

For those who embrace it, this is a dream neighborhood and an ideal place to raise a family. In addition to copious park and play space, Stapleton has 14 of its own schools, some of which are rated among the best in the entire city (100 percent of Stapleton’s Denver School of Science and Technology graduates have been accepted by a four-year college!). Check out our page on Stapleton Denver schools to learn more about the excellent elementary, middle and high schools.

Things to do in Stapleton

There is never a shortage of things to do in Stapleton. As you can see on the community events page, there is a full calendar of gatherings. More than 60 community events take place each year. The community features 50 restaurants, 100 shops and stores, a 50,000 sq foot recreation center, six community pools, two community gardens, a sledding hill, a skate park, and much more.

For families with children and retirees with grandkids living nearby, Stapleton real estate is a top priority during a Denver home search. If you are looking for a home in one of the fastest growing communities in the metro area, contact The Neir Team today!

We specialize in Stapleton Denver real estate!


Denver Neighborhood Rankings for 2015

Beyond looking for the perfect dream house, home buyers also search for an ideal neighborhood that balances community and privacy, excitement and safety.


Many home buyers base moving decisions on factors like neighborhood crime rates, unemployment rates, access to quality schools and, depending on their lifestyle, additional aspects like proximity to restaurants and entertainment venues. Each year, 5280 Magazine uses these factors and more to rank all of Denver’s neighborhoods.


In case you missed it, the 2015 list of Denver’s Best Neighborhoods has been released! Many of our favorite sections of the city scored very high.


Here is a quick rundown of some high-ranking neighborhoods that Denver home buyers should consider for their 2015 property search:


Lowry Features Affordable Condos and Homes


Those who are looking to live the condominium lifestyle will find Lowry to be a great neighborhood to move to. It also has single-family homes that start in the $200k's. There are bars and restaurants nearby, including Lowry Beer Garden.


Check out our list of Lowry homes for sale in Denver.


Cherry Creek Offers Upscale Shopping and Night Life


Whether you're looking to dine at a fine restaurant or browse for beautiful, unique items at a shopping plaza, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy life in Cherry Creek. This neighborhood is high-end with homes averaging north of $1 million. It also has excellent schools and a low crime rate as well.


Visit our Cherry Creek Denver neighborhood real estate page for info on homes for sale in this section of town.


Wellshire Has It All


This neighborhood is ideal for families who want the luxury of living in an urban community with the second lowest crime rate in the city and legendary grade schools. It's also filled with midcentury ranches that are to die for.


Learn more about Wellshire Denver homes on the market right now!


Washington Park is a Denver Icon


Wash Park is vibrant, features great schools, has access to major highways and has beautiful, scenic parks. Bungalows and Denver Squares have made this area popular for visitors and home buyers alike. Wash Park is where a lot of Denver residents aspire to live one day.


View Wash Park homes for sale.


What’s Your Favorite?


Not everyone is going to agree with 5280’s list of the best Denver neighborhoods. If you think there are some sections of town that deserve to be ranked higher or lower, leave a comment below to start the debate.


Best Elementary Schools in the Denver Area

Every parent wants their child to attend the best schools throughout their academic career. The best way to ensure this is to live in proximity to schools that are known for having a great reputation. If you are planning to move to the Denver area and you have young children, learning which elementary schools are the best and where they are located should be a top priority.

School rankings can be highly subjective. Some parents want their children to attend schools that have excellent art and music programs, others are focused on finding a renowned special needs department. Check out The Neir Team’s guide on how to pick the best Denver school for your child to learn more about evaluating options.

When it comes to objectively ranking schools, test scores are often a key factor. Unfortunately, standardized testing is not always a perfect reflection of a schools overall quality. The website Chalkbeat uses several factors – re-enrollment rate, growth points, status points, poverty percentage and more – to come up with annual rankings for Denver schools. Here is the list of Denver elementary schools that received a “distinguished” School Performance Framework (SPF) rating in the most recent Chalkbeat rankings:

  • Asbury Elementary School
  • Bradley International School
  • Bromwell Elementary School
  • Carson Elementary School
  • Cory Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • McMeen Elementary School
  • Polaris at Ebert Elementary School
  • Steck Elementary School
  • University Park Elementary School

You can find links to more information about these and other schools on our complete list of Denver's elementary schools.

To learn more about elementary school options by neighborhood, or to discuss the biggest factors in your Denver real estate search, contact The Neir Team today!