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The Denver Real Estate Broker Blog

2015 New Year's Resolutions for Home Sellers

Want to make 2015 the year you sell your home? Then you need to familiarize yourself with the current market. Today, selling is much different than it was a decade or more ago. To help you realize your goals, you can use the following tips as your New Year's resolutions to successfully sell your home.

Make Your Ads Appealing

The Internet is a key battleground for home sellers these days, so make sure your listing has what it takes to stand out online. A lot of people are using mobile devices to complete property searches, so pictures of your property need to be optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Don't Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Your home is a place that holds a lot of memories for you and your family, but don't let this hinder your ability to sell it. Think of your house as an investment rather than your home. If you're too sentimental, you may reject a fair price or fail to negotiate with a buyer who is serious.

List Your Home Once You're Serious

Before you put your home on the market, make sure that you are emotionally ready to move forward with your decision. Also, make sure that you are prepared to make a quick sale. You’ll need to:

  • Completely clean and de-clutter
  • Know your sale price
  • Be ready to find a new place to live

Hire the Best Agent

Make sure you hire a real estate agent with a good track record. Having the best agent on your side can make all the difference when you want to achieve top sale price or sell within a tight timeframe. For those in the Denver area, trust the Neir Team to help you sell your home. Parties seeking to sell their Rhode Island real estate should also consider the help of Rich Epstein Residential Properties.


Jefferson Park Land for Sale

Jefferson Park Land for SaleThe Neir Team is proud to announce the sale of 3 lots in Jefferson Park with a total lot size of 16,580 SF. 

Jefferson Park remains one the hottest and most active infill neighborhoods in all of Denver. A simple drive through the neighborhood (Federal to I-25 and Mile High Stadium to Speer) revels new construction on just about every block. Jefferson Park’s close proximity to downtown Denver, Lohi and I-25 combined with easy access to the city via 23rd Avenue make it extremely attractive to buyers. Developable land is difficult to come by as competition in the neighborhood is fierce. Developers spend months, if not years sending letters to property owners attempting to purchase homes for redevelopment. The successful developers are able to acquire contiguous lots on which multiple town homes can be constructed.

The Neir Team is happy to offer 3 contiguous lots in Jefferson Park for sale in early January 2015. The property addresses are as follows.

  1. 2330 Clay Street
  2. 2326 Clay Street
  3. 2647 W 23rd Avenue

The total lot sizes of all three properties are 16,580 SF. The list price of the three properties will start at $1,550,000. All three properties have  a zoning classification of G-MU-3. G-MU-3 is defined as a multi unit district allowing urban house, duplex, tandem home, row house, garden court, courtyard apartment and apartment building form. The tallest building form has a maximum height of three stories.

If you would like to be added to the interest list please fill out the information below and we'll keep you informed on developments with the listing.


Which Denver Neighborhood Matches Your Lifestyle?

Searching for a home isn’t just about finding the right space to fit your needs. It’s also about finding a neighborhood that inspires you to live a fuller life. For almost any kind of lifestyle, there is a perfect match to be found in one of Denver’s neighborhoods.

 Whether you are a young, single professional trying to embark on a successful career, an empty nester looking for a fresh start, or anything in between, there is a spot for you in this city. Here’s a short guide to help you find the perfect location to lead your ideal lifestyle.

Empty Nesters

Neighborhood Match: Park Hill

This quaint neighborhood with tree-lined streets has many of the conveniences provided by city living without any of the crime and congestion. Residents of this area have developed a close-knit community over the years. You can make new friends and enjoy easy access to some of Denver’s best attractions.

Young Families

Neighborhood Match: Lowry

With plenty of excellent school options and a fair housing market, Lowry is a great choice for young families looking to settle down in Denver. This area also happens to be very dog friendly, which can be a big plus for growing families with furry friends.


Neighborhood Match: Highland

Highland has become one of the more popular neighborhoods in the metro area. This area is well known for its walkability, friendly people, culture, and, most of all, its restaurants. Little Man Ice Cream, Williams & Graham, LOLA, Sushi Sasa, Root Down, and Duo are just some of the amazing eateries you’ll find in this part of town.


Neighborhood Match: River North

The River North (RiNo) neighborhood is a great home for innovators from all walks of life. This part of town is an equally great fit for builders, manufacturers, architects, artists, brewers, and more. There is a new energy in RiNo that rubs off on everyone immediately. With the Industry Denver project and a lot more going on now, this is one of Denver’s hippest neighborhoods on the rise.

Nature Lovers

Neighborhood Match: Stapleton

The Stapleton neighborhood was built on sustainable principles. With 100 percent Energy Star compliance in all homes and plenty of green space all around, the area has attracted a lot of environmentally conscious people. Local residents enjoy tons of beautiful, well-maintained gardens as well as miles of outdoor trails. There are more than 35 parks in just this one neighborhood! It’s safe to say you can enjoy a green lifestyle in Stapleton.

What’s Your Lifestyle Match?

There’s a Denver neighborhood for almost any lifestyle. Leave a comment to let us know your opinions on which neighborhoods match which lifestyles.

If you would like some help finding the perfect location to suit your wishes, contact the Neir Team today. We know every local neighborhood inside and out.


Update on Top 2015 New Construction Projects in Denver

With so many new construction projects going on in the metro Denver area recently, it hasn’t been easy to keep pace. In 2014, we saw amazing developments all over the city, with the new Union Station probably being the biggest achievement of them all. Here’s a quick recap of still ongoing projects that we think have the chance to shape some of Denver’s best neighborhoods in 2015 and beyond.


The projects surrounding Union Station are still providing us with exciting news. Recently it was announced that there will be a 56,000 SF flagship Whole Foods grocery store built on the ground floor level of a planned 10-story structure at 17th and Wewatta. Ground will be broken in 2015.

The Triangle Building, located at 16th and Wewatta, is another development about to change the skyline in LoDo. Construction is already well underway. The building’s stunning glass facade is already going up.

River North

Invent Development Partners, a Telluride-based company, will be developing 14 new townhomes in a mixed-use project in one of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods in 2015. We already told you about how Industry Denver was going to do wonderful things for RiNo. It’s already starting to happen.


The Alexan, to be located on Logan Street between East 19th and East 20th, is going to be an amazing addition to the Uptown neighborhood. This 12-story, 372 apartment unit complex is replacing a half block of ugly parking lot space. With other nearby projects like One City Block, Tower on the Park, Uptown Square, Grant Park, and Uptown Apartments, this is clearly a part of town that’s on the rise.


Things are looking up for East Colfax Avenue. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it looks like the city and some neighborhood leaders are ready to roll up their sleeves. Recently, the Denver Office of Economic Development awarded a $150,000 grant to the newly created Fax-Mayfair Business Improvement District. The grant will go toward start-up costs and the development of a master plan to redevelop parts of the district.

Five Points

Excavation has begun on new residential space in Five Points. The project includes 14 townhomes and 82 apartment units. The site is located along Welton Street, with the townhomes sitting toward 24th Street and the apartments at the intersection of Welton and 25th.

Cherry Creek

There is a lot happening in Cherry Creek right now. In 2014, there were as many as seven tower cranes spotted in just this one neighborhood. That’s a lot of construction.

The new office building at 100 Saint Paul is one of the biggest ongoing projects. It is a 149,000 SF structure located at Saint Paul and East First Avenue. In 2014, this development went from a hole in the ground to a rapidly climbing steel structure. It’s already at five stories, and it will be up to eight stories before they are done.

What’s Got You Excited?

What ongoing or planned construction projects have you most excited for 2015? Leave a comment and tell us about the developments you expect to shape Denver in the years to come.


Empty Nest Home Shoppers Should Target These Denver Neighborhoods

The typical story goes that when the kids grow up and move away, the so-called "empty nesters" find themselves having difficulty grappling with the changes. Your little ones leaving the nest doesn't have to be a cause for stress, though. For many, it's just the start of an exciting new chapter.

For most couples with grown children, proximity to the exciting urban life without the congestion or high rents of city living is ideal. These areas sport a huge array of options for culture, activities and entertainment, while still maintaining a tight-knit feeling that makes you feel at home.

Park Hill

Majestic trees line the streets of this charming northeast Denver neighborhood. With a tightly-knit community and staggering array of old-world architecture, including Tudor houses, bungalows, and Victorians, Park Hill can feel like stepping into a different era. But it's certainly modern: new restaurants and boutiques are opening all the time, and major attractions like the Denver Art Museum and History Colorado Center are easily accessible by public transit.


This up and coming it-neighborhood has a funky, energetic vibe that will invigorate anyone who steps inside. With charming cafes, quirky fashion boutiques and plenty of live music options, it offers a plethora of fun for the bohemian in all of us. The Tennyson Street Cultural District is home to dozens of galleries and art shops, drawing in a diverse crowd of artists and free thinkers. The neighboring Navajo Art District is one of Denver's best-kept secrets, boasting sculpture, illustration, woodwork, and performance art from local Native American craftspeople.

Wash Park

Washington Park (or Wash Park as it's known to the locals) is one of the most-beloved neighborhoods in all of Denver. With the gorgeous single-family homes, an abundance of activities to take advantage of its beautiful scenery, and crime rates that number among the lowest in the city, it's no wonder that its residents are so proud. Located in south-central Denver, this area has a good mix of young, hip residents and older, established professionals. Luckily, there's something for everyone, from outdoor volleyball to cute bookstores and everything in between.

If you are an empty nester about to embark on a home search, begin your journey by checking out the Neir Team listings. You can search by neighborhood to find the ideal property and start the next chapter of your life.


Best Denver Neighborhoods for Holiday Shopaholics

Are you ready to hit the pavement in Denver to find those best holiday shopping discoveries? There are so many options for shopaholics that getting started is a challenge of its own. Never fear -- this handy guide will take you through the best Denver shopping neighborhoods so you can start your journey to great deals on the right foot.

Cherry Creek

One of Denver's more affluent neighborhoods, Cherry Creek is just a few steps south of the city's downtown. With over 300 boutiques, cafes and shops to choose from, Cherry Creek is one of the best shopping destinations between San Francisco and Chicago. The choices range from eclectic to sophisticated. After you've made your selections, a refreshing stroll or bike down the neighborhood's 22-mile bike path is the perfect relaxing end to a long day of fantastic bargains.


LoDo is one of the city's trendiest hotspots, boasting an impressive assortment of boutiques and restaurants. The most prominent feature is undoubtedly the 16th St. Mall, a sprawling outdoor promenade that features galleries and fine dining along with retail establishments. If your feet are sore from the trek up the mile-long mall, don't worry: a free shuttle transports weary shoppers from beginning to end and back again. Booklovers should be sure to not miss the Tattered Cover, an expansive cathedral of a bookstore crammed full of paperback and hardcover selections. The store's armchairs are even conveniently placed next to cozy fireplaces -- the perfect break between shops.

Highlands Square

Perched up at the tip of northwest Denver, Highlands Square is an up-and-coming neighborhood with a funky and bohemian vibe. Looking for the perfect vintage jewelry set or a handmade afghan? Highlands Square has you covered. You can also find hip gifts like organic fair-trade coffee, artisanal soaps, bespoke lingerie and more.

If you want to be as close to the shopping action this holiday season and all year round, consider expanding your home search to one of the neighborhoods listed above. Check out our property listings by neighborhood and get ready to satisfy your deepest shopping desires.


Estimating Denver Home Values

Estimating Denver Home ValuesDenver home values are on the rise. Over the past couple of years buyers have been very competitively going after properties on the market and prices have gone up accordingly throughout the metro area.

If you’ve been in the same home for years and haven’t checked on its value in a while, you could be in for a nice surprise. The market conditions, along with low interest rates, make this a good time to sell.

Whether you’re about to list your home or you’re simply curious about what it would be worth on the market, here is a process you can follow to accurately gauge its value.

Art and Science

Starting with objective research of recent sales of similar properties is a great place to start. That will give you the best idea about market value. To gauge the ideal sale price, it also helps to have a gut-level understanding of the Denver housing market.

Think of it this way: “market value” is what your home would be worth irrespective of any special circumstances, but “sale price” is the actual number you need to land on to make as money as possible within any special time or market constraints. The best way to balance the art and science of picking a home sale price is to use the Neir Team’s free market analysis search.

If you want to estimate the value of your home yourself, you need to look deeper into sales of similar properties. First, let’s define what could make a property similar to yours. It must have comparable:

  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms
  • Home style
  • Age

It’s unlikely that you will find a property that perfectly matches the characteristics of your house, but you should be able to come up with a rough estimate. Adjust up or down depending on the discrepancies between your home and the recently sold homes you find, keeping in mind that location has a big influence on price.

If your home is about to go on the market, it’s essential that you select the right price. By using the Neir Team’s free market analysis, you ensure that you have tons of experience and gut-level understanding of the Denver housing market on your side.


Denver Trick or Treating Guide 2014

While dressing up is a big part of the fun of Halloween, you can’t say it’s been a perfect holiday if you didn’t enjoy a good walk in a safe neighborhood and score a full basket of candy.

Many people will stick to their own block this Halloween, but this is a great opportunity to get out and explore some different parts of the city. You might like the treats you find in one of Denver’s top four neighborhoods for trick or treating.

Here’s a Denver Trick or Treating Guide for 2014:

Cherry Creek

The Cherry Creek neighborhood is bordered by Colorado Boulevard, University Boulevard, First Avenue, and Seventh Avenue. In addition to seeing many gorgeous homes, you also can count on staying safe and walking away with a big haul of candy.

Washington Park

Between I-25, Downing Street, Cherry Creek, University Boulevard, and Cherry Creek you will find the Washington Park neighborhood. The nice homes are tightly packed together here, making it prime trick or treating territory. You won’t have to do a lot of walking to fill your basket.


Alameda Avenue, Monaco Parkway, Severn Avenue, and Colorado Boulevard make up the borders of Hilltop. You’ll enjoy a safe walk through this beautiful upscale neighborhood. If the kids get tired, take a break and enjoy a Halloween parade in Cranmer Park, which is centrally located in the neighborhood.

Congress Park

This is another highly populated neighborhood that should give you plenty of opportunities to knock on doors and collect candy. Bordered by Sixth Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, Colfax Avenue, and York Street, this neighborhood is known for homes that go all out with decorations during Halloween and other holidays.


You Can Afford a lot More Home Than You Think

AffordibilityAt least right now, October 15th 2014. Rates this week are phenomenal and represent a great opportunity.

We have found that most people shop for a new home based on the monthly payment and not the cost of the home. At least this is where most buyers start when determining the price range for searching. This makes sense as the monthly payment translates to the carry cost of owning the real estate. The “sticker price” has little tangible value with regard to affordability without a monthly payment.

When looking at the monthly payment for financing a new home, a big driver is the interest rate. We find it fascinating how much the interest rate changes the amount a buyer can purchase at the same monthly payment. The rule is fairly obvious, the lower the interest rate the higher the purchasing power. That sounds good but translating it into real numbers revels the AHHA!

Every 1% decrease in interest rate translates into 10.75% increase in purchase price. This also works in reverse, as it will erode purchase power when rates are rising.

So a buyer that wants a monthly payment around $2,000, with 20% down can afford a $500,000 home at a 4.75% rate.

That same payment gets the buyer a $553,750 home when the rate drops to 3.75%.

So as a real estate broker we like to keep an eye on rates as they have a direct correlation with affordability.

Today’s rates: 

October Rates

Please let us know if you would like us to run the numbers based on your specific purchase.


You’ve Decided to Buy a New Home, Now What?

Congratulations, you have decided to buy a new home. That decision ushers in a flood of emotion ranging from excitement to anxiety.

In order to help with the later, we have created a home buying guide that identifies the steps in purchasing a new home.

Weather you’re a first time home buyer or seasoned owner, we feel our road map helps organize and simplify the process.

There are quite a few steps when purchasing a home. The graph below is a visual representation of the home buying process. 

It all starts with hiring a professional real estate broker to guide you through the process. You will want to hire a broker that is an expert in the areas you are considering a purchase. More: Denver Real Estate Broker Duties, Home Purchase 

Once you select to real estate professional to help facilitate your home purchase you will want to get pre-qualified/approved for your new home loan if you require financing. Selecting a lender is a very important step. Get referrals from people you trust. Then compare the personality’s you relate to, with a good faith estimate.  

Next up, making an offer. What makes a good offer? 

Next you will want to review all of the Colorado Real Estate Disclosures with your Broker.

After your offer has been accepted the next major hurdle is the general inspection. The general inspection gives you the ability to thoroughly inspect the property to determine the level of deferred maintenance that is needed. This is fancy way of saying, what needs to be fixed.  More: Denver Real Estate Inspection

After the inspection it is important to review the title insurance commitment. What is the title insurance commitment?

At the same time your lender is busy gathering the support materials needed for the loan application. Once complete the loan package, along with the appraisal is submitted to underwriting for approval.  Once approved, your real estate broker is given the clear to close and the settlement figures are sent to the title company.

Once the title company has the real estate transaction figures they complete the settlement statement. The settlement statement outlines all the fees associated with the purchase of the home. Your real estate broker will review the settlement statement to ensure it is accurate.

Now, its closing time. It is always a good idea to walk the home one last time right before you go to the title company and close on the property. This ensures nothing has happened to the home you are about to be financially responsible for. Your real estate broker will arrange the final walk the hour before closing.