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The Denver Real Estate Broker Blog

Tips to Hire the Best Denver Real Estate Agent

Seeing through all the hype is probably the hardest part of finding the best Denver real estate agent.

When it comes time to buy a new home or sell your old home, you need a qualified agent capable of backing up their claims. Anyone can say they are the best, so you need to do a little homework to ensure you wind up with a professional who has what it takes to help you reach your real estate goals.

By following a few tips below, you will be able to get the information you need to make a solid judgement on an agent’s ability to lead you to success in a real estate buying or selling.

Check for the Right Experience

It would be ideal to find an agent with experience that will increase their chances being successful with you. Ask them for examples of homes they have found or listed in your price range and location. If you have a home for sale and they have successfully sold a property in the same neighborhood for an equal or higher amount, they are likely to be a good candidate.

If your home has some unique features, ask about their past experience with those as well.

View Current Listings

To double check whether or not you have found the best Denver real estate agent to handle your price range and location, check the current listings on their website. Are there homes that you are interested in buying? Are there similar homes for sale in Denver? If yes, this is just one more signal that the agent has the experience needed to help you reach your real estate goals.

Speak with Previous Clients

Ask a prospective agent to supply you with a short list of clients they have worked with in the last year. They should be able to provide you with at least a couple properties they have successfully listed and sold in the recent past.

Once you have the contact information from the previous clients given to you by the agent, don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. Probably the most important question to ask is, “what was your original asking price, and what was the final sale price?” Ask delicately and politely and you should get a clear, honest answer.

Check Credentials

Colorado has a real estate commission that tracks licensing and monitors professional agents. Check here to make sure a prospective agent is properly licensed and does not have any troubling complaints or disciplinary actions against them.

Contact the Neir Team Today!

Alex and Stacy Neir of The Neir Team have the experience and credentials home buyers and sellers are looking for. To work with the best Denver real estate agent team, contact us today!


Best Denver Neighborhoods for Foodies

If you’re looking for mouthwatering cuisine, there are several Denver neighborhoods that can provide you with a wide variety of great dining options. You just need to know where to look.

These days, The Mile High City has much more to offer than just breathtaking mountainous terrain. In fact, its reputation as a foodie destination is growing more and more each year.

Here’s a short list to help you make sure your next home is located in one the best Denver neighborhoods for foodies:

Five Points/RiNo

Five Points may be one of Denver's oldest and most historic neighborhoods, but it is on the forefront of the city's emerging food and restaurant scene.

The neighborhood’s top restaurants -- Snooze (breakfast and brunch), Biker Jim’s Restaurant (creative burgers and hot dogs, lunch and dinner), Comida (Mexican, lunch and dinner), Acorn (new American, lunch and dinner), The Populist (new American, dinner only), and Work & Class (new American, dinner only) – will keep you full and happy morning, noon, and night.

Check our RiNo Denver real estate listings page to find a property in River North, the neighborhood adjacent to Five Points.

Highland/Jefferson Park

The burgeoning restaurant scene is one of the main reasons that the Highland neighborhood has become one of the hottest parts of town. If you include the nearby Jefferson Park and its own list of excellent eateries, it’s easy to see why this area is earning rave reviews from visitors and residents alike, especially from foodies.

In Highland and Jefferson Park, restaurants like Duo, Über Eats, Sushi Sasa, Park Burger, Linger, Lola, Old Major, Root Down, Sassafras, Uncle, and Sartos helped the area capture a high ranking on Travel+Leisure’s recent list of “Emerging American Neighborhoods.”

Highland’s history is rooted in Hispanic and Italian residents, and these traditions come to life in the modern food scene. There are plenty of amazing family-owned Mexican, Italian, Argentinian, and Peruvian restaurants to explore.

Visit our Highlands Denver real estate page to browse available properties in this foodie wonderland. 

Washington Park

Wash Park has long been home to a beautiful blend of contemporary and historic architecture that pleases the eye. Now it’s also a great destination for people looking for blends of classic and new flavors that please the taste buds, making it one of the best Denver neighborhoods for foodies.

The top Wash Park area eateries give residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great meal in good company:

Vert Kitchen (technically in Wash Park West, but definitely worth a mention) uses French cooking techniques to bring new takes to world flavors. Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery is a fun breakfast, brunch, and comfort food spot to explore the sweet and the savory. Fooducopia is a grocery/eatery with tons of tasty dishes. Homegrown Tap & Dough is a pizza/Italian restaurant that can please all palettes.

To find your next home in this top foodie destination, check out our listings ofWashington Park Denver homes for sale.


Last but not least there’s the Uptown neighborhood, home to one of Denver’s most concentrated sections of quality dining. There is no shortage of great restaurants in this part of town, especially along the stretch of 17th Avenue better known as “Restaurant Row.”

Uptown favorites include: Humboldt Farm Fish Wine, Il Posto, Steubens, Beast & Bottle, and Ace.

There are many more Denver restaurants and neighborhoods that deserve a mention for their great food. Leave a comment and tell us which parts of town gets your votes for best Denver neighborhoods for foodies!


Should Home Sellers Consider Basement Finishing?

Homeowners often look at their unfinished basements with rose colored glasses, imagining how it is only one remodeling project away from becoming a home bar, a high-tech media room, a man cave, or more.

Dreaming about the untapped potential of a basement is all well and good… until it comes time to sell your home. At this point, it comes down to hard facts and figures. It’s time to figure out whether or not it would be a sensible investment to remodel your basement shortly before selling.

Competing with Other Homes on the Market

If the other homes in your price range or general location commonly have unfinished basements, a remodeling project would give you a huge advantage over them. Your new space would be a major selling point that you could highlight in listings and show off to buyers who come to your property in person.

If a lot of competing properties already have finished basements, that might be an even better reason for you to move forward with a remodel. You don’t want to be working at a disadvantage – especially if you have a tight time frame in which to sell.

Crunching the Numbers

The cost of basement finishing can run from $10,000 all the way up to as much as $60,000 or more, depending on the size and complexity of the project. In congested real estate markets where square footage is always at a premium, a finished basement is a highly valuable commodity that could easily provide positive return on investment in the form of more interested buyers and a greater sale price.

Choosing professional basement finishing in Denver will ensure you get the best possible results and open up a range of possibilities that wouldn’t be possible for a DIY project.

In a seller’s market where square footage is less of a concern, it makes less sense to invest in an update or remodel right before selling. You may not be able to recoup your investment.

Seeking Assistance

Professional guidance will help you make the right decision to maximize value when you’re selling a home in Denver CO.

Contact the Neir Team for answers on whether or not to remodel before listing and other key questions that face home sellers in Denver.


More big development announced for Rino (River North) in Denver

The Rino or River North neighborhood of Denver is primed to undergo a significant metamorphosis over the next two to three years.  Three substantial public improvement projects combined with another massive mixed use development from the folks at Industry Denver will improve the landscape of the neighborhood significantly.

The North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, an initiative through the Mayor’s office, has six redevelopment projects identified in a nearly 23-mile stretch connecting Union Station to Denver International Airport named the Corridor of Opportunity. Within the Corridor of Opportunity there are 3 redevelopment projects that will impact Rino directly; The RTD Station development at 38th and Blake, The Rino pedestrian bridge at 36th Street and the Brighton Blvd Corridor Redevelopment. Additionally, the inventors and pioneers of the “collaborative working ecosystem”, Jason Winkler, Ellen Winkler together with partner Sean Campbell, have announced Stride Denver at 38th and Walnut. 

 “Denver is taking bold steps to re-create a connected and sustainable community that will drive job creation and growth on a globally competitive scale.” - Mayor Michael B.  Hancock

38th and Blake Street StationThe FasTracks initiative through RTD is bringing light rail via the East Rail Line to the Rino neighborhood in 2016. The 38th and Blake station will offer commuter access to Union Station and Denver International Airport with eventual connection to the Central Corridor Line and a direct link to the convention center.

A new pedestrian and bike bridge is planned to stretch between Blake and Wazee Street at 26th. and will provide access to Brighton Blvd from Blake Street.

Brighton Blvd Improvement

The Brighton Blvd Corridor Redevelopment will bring infrastructure improvements to Brighton Boulevard transforming the street from a neglected back door into a prominent gateway to the city. Critical improvements include but are not limited to the following:

  • Widened pedestrian sidewalks
  • Bike lane
  • Streetscape including foliage and lighting
  • On street parking

Stride Denver

Stride Denver has been announced by Industry creators, Jason and Ellen Winkler along with Sean Campbell and includes a 10+ acre development spanning multiple phases that includes office, residential, hospitality, restaurant and retail use. Stride Denver is a continuation of Industry Denver’s “collaborative office ecosystem” concept; Like-minded firms, primarily from the tech and creative industries, cohabitate, sharing office resources in a collaborative environment fostering creativity and growth. The concept has been wildly successful originating at Battery 621 in 2009 through the minds of Mike Arzt, Frank Phillips, Jason Winkler and Ellen Winkler. The concept has gained further traction with the INDUSTRY Denver location.

In addition to Stride Denver, the Urban Land Conservatory (ULC) has announced their transit oriented New Development in Rinodevelopment (TOD) at 38th and Blake next to the Blake Street station. They have partnered with Medici Communities / Denver Housing Authority to complete a mixed use project consisting of affordable and market rate housing along with office and retail space. The partnership also produced the Evan Station Lofts which opened in 2013.

As with many other neighborhoods in Denver, the Rino neighborhood is changing dramatically and property values are likely to continue to climb. If you would like help determining if this neighborhood is a good fit for your real estate plans, please don’t hesitate to contact The Neir Team. (720)935-4399, info@neirteam.com


Uptown Denver Neighborhood Profile

Uptown may be Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood, but its chic shops, trendy restaurants, and progressive vibe make it one of the hottest and hippest parts of town these days.

Head over to the Neir Team’s neighborhood page to start browsing for homes for sale in Uptown Denver.


Less than three miles southeast of downtown, Uptown is bordered by 20th Street to the north, Colfax Avenue to the south, York Street to the east, and Broadway to the west. Modern high-rise apartments, Queen Anne and Victorian homes, and swanky lofts are mixed among the tree-lined boulevards.


Restaurant row is just one of many attractions that has people flocking to Uptown. After you’re done sampling the flavors from one of the local gastropubs or upscale restaurants, you can head over to the city’s largest green space -- City Park. Within the park, you’ll find the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and miles and miles of scenic biking and jogging paths.

If you are looking to catch a memorable sunset over the Rockies, Uptown’s City Park is maybe the best vantage point in the city. In fact, it offers stunning panoramic views of the terrain around Denver at any time of day.

There is always something special going on in Uptown. In the summer, the City Park Jazz concert series and the Colorado Black Arts Festival are both very popular with locals. During the holiday season, the Denver Zoo’s Zoo Lights event is a hit with children and adults.

Uptown Denver Homes for Sale

Alex and Stacy Neir are experts on Denver real estate. Browse our listings from one of the hottest and hippest neighborhoods in Denver and then contact us to learn more about how to find the ideal home for your needs.


Best Denver Neighborhoods for Families

As we get older, our values change. When we’re young and carefree, we may look for a home that’s close to bustling city centers, convenient public transportation, and exciting nightlife. Adding a spouse and children to your life will vastly change what you look for in a home.

There is no perfect way to define a “family-friendly neighborhood,” but there are a few factors that most of us can agree on: low crime, good schools, and plenty of other families around. Throw in some parks and some all-ages entertainment options and you have the makings of a family-friendly neighborhood.

Here are a few of the top Denver neighborhoods for families.


This neighborhood was planned and built with families and children in mind. In addition to great schools, you’ll also find more than 35 parks within the confines of Stapleton. There is no shortage of safe, open green space for kids to run around and play in.

If one of the hallmarks of a family-friendly neighborhood is a tight knit network of parents and children, then Stapleton is one of the family-friendliest areas you’ll find anywhere. On summer nights, roughly 500 local kids and adults will come out to enjoy free outdoor movies together.

Once the new light rail system between Stapleton and Denver is complete by 2016, this area will be an even more convenient location for moms and dads who have to commute into the city.

For The Neir Team has an up-to-date listing of the top Stapleton homes for sale. Check it out today!

Washington Park

Despite being conveniently located in the city, the Washington Park neighborhood has a distinctively clean, safe, and suburban feel to it. The tree-lined streets and the large park from which the neighborhood gets its name both contribute to overall charm of the area.

The park’s recreation center, playgrounds, lakes, gardens, and trails make it a fantastic spot for parents and kids to meet up and have fun. With easy I-25 and light rail connections to the city, this neighborhood is also super convenient for moms and dads who need to work downtown but want to raise their kids in a safe suburban-like environment.

You can search through the top Washington Park Denver homes for sale right here on our site.


Hilltop is an excellent choice for those in search of a family-friendly neighborhood within the city. It is centrally located and is stocked with quality educational opportunities -- including Graland Country Day School, one of the city’s renowned private schools.

The neighborhood features two beautifully maintained public parks, many mature trees, and some magnificent architecture. Based on crime rates from 2009 to 2013, Hilltop is also one of the ten safest neighborhoods in Denver.

Browse through our listings of homes for sale in Hilltop Denver.


Stanley British Primary School, The Logan School for Creative Learning, and Denver Montclair International School all attract families to the Lowry neighborhood of Denver. Formerly home to an air force base, this area has been completely rebuilt to accommodate a wide range of demographics, especially young families.

In addition to great schools, Lowry has a convenient town center, great restaurants, and much more. It’s also earned the reputation of being very dog-friendly. If you’re a young and growing family with some furry friends, this area should definitely be on your shortlist.

To find homes for sale in the Denver neighborhood of Lowry, head to our property search form and select the neighborhood from the drop down menu.

Find Your Family-Friendly Neighborhood with the Neir Team

Stacy and Alex Neir are experts in Denver real estate. To find the perfect home and neighborhood for your family, call us at 720.280.3004 or 720.935.4399 today!


How to Select a Denver Home Builder

Finding the ideal home builder is an absolute must if you are considering building a custom home from scratch. As you decide on a contractor, following a few key steps will ensure a speedy process that ultimately results in you getting your dream home.

Here is a simple plan to follow to ensure you find a builder who will be responsive to your needs and wishes and be able to execute a custom plan.

Find a Good Agent

Your search for a contractor should begin with finding a real estate agent. As Denver’s new construction experts, the Neir Team can help you through the process of building a custom home from scratch. We know where the best new developments are popping up and have experience dealing with many of the builders you should consider. Seek our local real estate expertise before locking down a contractor.

Know Exactly What You Need

To find the ideal builder, you need to know exactly what it is you desire. Some contractors may specialize in a certain size, type or price range. With some specifics in mind, you’ll find it easier to locate a home builder suited to your needs.

Look for Experienced Builders

Experience is something you definitely shouldn't overlook. This will determine the outcome of your new construction, so don't settle for someone who has minimal or no experience.

Ask for References

Knowing the satisfaction levels of past customers is a great way to get a forecast of what you'll receive. Ask for references and then make sure to contact them. You also could ask to tour a previously completed home to get a real look at what the builder can accomplish.

Verify the License of the Builder

Never hire a home builder without first knowing that he is licensed to work in Colorado. You can use online portals to check the license number.

What is the Resale Value?

Find out the resale values of the homes the builder has developed in the past. This will speak on the quality and the potential resale value of your home. 

Has the Builder Worked on Similar Projects?

Again, experience is everything. Go over the specific features you have in mind and inquire as to whether or not the builder has experience with them. They may even provide you with some incredible suggestions and alternatives.

Peace of Mind

Quality warranties ensure that you'll have peace of mind for years to come. They also show how confident a builder is in the materials he uses. You deserve to know exactly what you'll receive for the price you pay.

Building a custom home from scratch is a big undertaking. If you want to start the process out the right way, start by contacting the Neir Team. Our knowledge of Denver real estate will provide you with key insights into the new home market.

For more information on new home construction planning and building from a Denver contractor, check out Division One Construction.


Cherry Creek Neighborhood Profile

Cherry Creek Denver Neighborhood ProfileThe Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver is where local residents and visitors go to shop at the best stores and eat at the finest restaurants. It’s no coincidence that you also will find some of Denver’s most beautiful and valuable homes in this part of town.

Located about four miles from downtown, around 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues, from University to Steele Street, Cherry Creek has plenty of allure for home buyers.

First and foremost, this neighborhood is known for having some of the best shopping in the West. In fact, many like to say that it is the number one shopping destination between Los Angeles and Chicago.

Cherry Creek North is home to more than 300 independently owned shops, ranging from boutiques and galleries to spas, restaurants, and much more. Here, you will find an invigorating 16-block retail paradise that always gives you something to do.

Many famous upscale brands can be found at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and Neiman Marcus all have their own shops here, and they are surrounded by more than 150 other quality retailers.

Beautifully manicured parks and gardens, tree-lined streets, and public art give Cherry Creek a special charm that can’t be found anywhere else. It matches well with all of the local bakeries, outdoor cafes, and coffee shops in the area.

With easy access to the 22-mile course of the Cherry Creek Bike Path, you can stay in shape in spite of all the tasty neighborhood treats.  

Its proximity to downtown and its unmatched luxury and charm make Cherry Creek one of the premier Denver neighborhoods. If you are ready to search for Cherry Creek real estate, talk to the Neir Team.

Call Stacy Neir at 720.280.3004 or Alex Neir at 720.935.4399 for a successful Denver real estate search!


Relocating to Denver a Smart Move Thanks to State Economic Outlook

After a strong economic performance in 2014, Colorado finds itself ranked in the top five nationally for wage and salary growth, personal income growth, and employment growth. But, is this success expected to carry over into 2015?

According to projections released recently at the 50th annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook (CBEO) event, the state is on track for even greater economic expansion in the year ahead. That’s great news for current residents or anyone considering relocating to Denver in the near future.

In 2015, almost every business sector is expected to add jobs in Colorado, which will provide plenty of fuel for the local economic engine.

Denver’s high-tech and diversified economy, global economic access, relatively low cost of doing business, and exceptional quality of life will ensure both short- and long-term economic growth locally. The workforce here is more skilled, but also older than average.

Most importantly, for those thinking about relocating to Denver, there is a shortage of qualified, available workers in many industries. Jobs are there to be had. In fact, according to the CBEO report, an estimated 61,300 jobs will be added throughout Colorado in 2015.

The annual outlook report confirms what we already know: Colorado has very bright economic prospects compared to many other regions and states in the US, making this area a prime target for anyone looking to expand their job opportunities or improve their quality of life.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Denver in 2015, browse through our Denver real estate listings by neighborhood. If you’re relocating a family, check out our list of Denver’s best schools to inform your choice.

We’ll help you find the perfect home in one of the strongest economies in America. Contact us today to get started on your search!


Clean Tile Surfaces Before Selling Your Home

Getting ready to sell your home? Then you want to make sure that it's in the best possible condition to present to prospects.

If you’ve already taken steps to enhance your home’s curb appeal and clean out any clutter, the next item on your home seller’s checklist should be to revitalize the interior surfaces that catch the eye. Professionally cleaning tile floors, counters, showers, tubs, and more before you open your doors for an open house is a smart choice.

Tile floors are typically found in the kitchen and bathrooms -- two areas that prospective buyers like to obsess over. These areas are often deal makers or deal breakers. To ensure that they impress, hire a professional to bring your tile surfaces (including the tile counters and walls) back to like-new condition.

If you notice any dingy grout or chips in the tile, you'll definitely want to consider professional repair and replacement.

To ensure that your tile looks fresh for prospects, here is a rundown of the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Disinfect and clean the surface of the tile and grout: If your tiles have been ignored for a while, make sure to get rid of dirt, stains and mold that may have accumulated on the surface and in the grout.
  • Repair tile that is hollow and loose: This will make sure that your tile is structurally sound. This task can be a bit tedious and time-consuming, so it's recommended that you hire an expert for this.
  • Replace tile that's chipped: If you find any cracks or chips in your tile, have them replaced before open house.
  • Consider adding tile: If you don't already have tile in your kitchen, bathrooms or other areas, consider having it installed. A lot of people love the look of tile and it could help you make a sell.

Whether you need help with dirty or cracked tile, you should consult with a professional tile and grout cleaning company.

You can turn to The Neir Team for more tips on how to prepare your home for sale, or to browse local listings for Denver real estate.